[An excerpt taken from Artificial Grass For Everyone, written by: Bob DeLozier] 

Artificial Grass will give you AMAZING BENEFITS in 5 Key Ways:

1)Natural Look and Feel of Real Grass with Incredible Durability

2)Realize Time and Money Savings with Artificial Grass’ Low Maintenance

3)Special features you cannot even get with Natural Grass, like eliminating mud prints or grass stains

4)Be Responsible with Earth-Friendly benefits 

5) Natural Look and Feel- But Incredibly Durable

Today’s Artificial Turf is made to give you a Soft and Real  Grass look and to last for a decade or more. Also, you will not see fading or dead grass spots during these years. Whether you are in a rainy or dry climate you will not need to deal with the brown spots or mold black spots. Artificial Grass is porous and can drain without any problems. You will not have to let the fields dry out; that means you will have more usable days for sports activities with Artificial Grass.

Over the course of two decades, you or your paid landscape company will be spending a lot of money and time doing some combination of Aerating; De-thatching; Dead-Spot Replacing; Leveling Bumps and Depressions; and even doing a Total Renovation or Re-installation of your grass. Artificial Grass will not require any of these services. Also, your new Artificial Grass will not require any of these services. Also, your new Artificial Grass lawn will be able to stand up to the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic and your pet’s digging habits.

Artificial Grass will not require any of these expensive and painstaking processes any longer. That means when you are doing a fair comparison of the cost of an Artificial Grass installation you should realistically look at the cost of repairing and replacing your grass lawn area 2 or 3 times!

Also, unlike natural grass, Artificial Grass should be seen as a valuable asset, similar to fine carpets or awnings, when you are selling or valuating your home. It will certainly be a great addition to the natural aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. Rich green and fresh looking grass all year round.

I will show you a great cost comparison later; first, let us look at some other AMAZING BENEFITS!

 Realize Time and Money Savings 

Water Usage: Since many homes use as much as half of their water irrigating landscape you will not be paying for all that water month after month. Be free to take a trip and not worry about watering the lawn.

Low Maintenance: Whether you maintain your own yard or pay a landscaper, you will not need to mow, edge or trim your lawn again. You will spend a small fraction of the time maintaing your new Artificial Grass lawn. Put your mower up for sale! You will not be buying or repairing anymore lawn equipment either.

If you or your relative’s health or age does not allow them to be active in the yard; Artificial Grass is the perfect solution. Many of my clients use all that extra time and money to work on their “wish lists.” Instead of mowing, you can make that herb or rose garden a reality!
So you will not need to worry about the dull brown patches in your lawn any longer; and you can start using your extra time for other landscape projects.

Chemicals and Treatments: You will not be spending money and time treating your lawn to protect you from pets, weeds, fungus,  and molds. Cleaning and disinfecting your Artificial Grass is quick and easy.

Rebates: Many water districts and cities have been trying to induce water conservation by offering rebates to those who will install water friendly landscaping. You should check your local area for applicable rebates; but here are some examples. In Reno, Nevada there was a $1 per square foot offered for removing natural grass. In Cash-Strapped California there were rebates of 30 cents per square foot offered in San Diego and Los Angeles. You will certainly be able to expect more incentives as the issue of water shortages or pollution continue to be key issues with politicians.

Now I would like to talk about some special BENEFITS and Unique qualities of Artificial Grass where Natural Grass just can not compare!

Special Benefits of Artificial Grass

You can Install Artificial Grass virtually Anywhere! Your landscape designs can be very flexible and creative with Artificial Grass since you can revitalize your yard by covering damaged concrete or wood decks. For instance you can create layers and steps that can be covered with Artificial Grass.

Reclaim your Backyard from Bugs, Flies, and other Pests! Unless you do a lot of spraying with expensive, water-polluting chemicals; your Natural Grass will be a great nesting area for fleas, tics, flies, bees, etc. This can limit your enjoyment; lounging, playing or eating in your yard can be especially difficult. Also, your pets are always needing to be protected against the targeted for flea and tic infestation.

Finally a “Grass” Lawn for those with Allergies or Pollens! For those who have relatives or friends that are sensitive to outdoor grasses, Artificial Grass may be a great option.

No muddy prints in your house! During wet times of the year; your Artificial Grass will drain off water, eliminating those muddy areas that can be tracked into your home.

Stop cleaning grass stains on your clothes! Artificial Grass will not be leaving those green streaks on clothes after playing on it.

Soft and Safe Surface for your little Athletes! Artificial Grass can be designed to create a “Soft Fall” surface. This means that as you and your kids are playing there is much better impact absorption. This means less wear and tear on the joints and reduction of injuries. This is why the sports industry has widely implemented Artificial Grass solutions.

Create Green Areas where there is high-foot traffic or even auto traffic! Areas out by your curb or in driveways are often concrete or rock because natural grass will not stand up to the high amount of traffic. Artificial Grass is designed with the right durability. In commercial areas there are often grass areas that should be converted to Artificial Grass. One great benefit, also, is that you will not need to have maintenance crews working around these crowded areas.

Artificial Grass can be great for Erosion control! When there are areas of landscape where frequent water flow can drain causing the soil to erode away; you should consider using Artificial Grass for covering and protecting those areas. Artificial Grass is an excellent way to beautify those areas while protecting the soil from draining off.

More easily keep pet areas sanitary and allow everyone to enjoy your clean and fresh backyard grass areas! Even though our “furry family members” are so valuable to us; their bathroom can often ruin the backyard and attract a lot of flies and smells that make it impossible for other family members to enjoy.  Artificial Grass can quickly and easily be decontaminated and areas of your lawn can be fitted with In-fill that limits odors. This makes Artificial Grass ideal for allowing pets to use the back yard without taking it over.

Artificial Grass is part of the answer for Water Conservation and Pollution Issues

Conservation: During my years in the Artificial Grass industry it has been great joy to know that I am part of the solution to some issues that are affecting our environments. In dry areas where water is more scarce Artificial Grass is a key answer to allowing for pleasant green landscapes without the need for large water usage. In California, where I live, it was estimated that in one year the Artificial Grass installations had eliminated the need to use 720 millions galloons of water for irrigating. That large saving will carry over and increase year after year.
Some areas of the U.S. have plenty of water resources. However, water prices in those areas do continue to rise at a faster rate than in dry areas.  So the need to conserve is still a key issue for homeowners and government users alike.

According to the Department of Agriculture, grass lawns are the largest “crop” in the United States and very likely the same is true around the industrialized world. It is exciting to me that by installing Artificial Grass we are freeing up those water resources for other uses.

Pollution: To keep natural lawns maintained it is necessary to spray regularly with many varieties of chemicals. For many years those chemicals are leeching into the water tables or flowing into storm drains and contaminating other water sources. Because Artificial Grass eliminates the need for these chemicals, it is one great solution to start to turn this issue around. Furthermore, Artificial Grass installations are even part of the cleaning of water moving into the water tables. The use of base materials in Artificial Grass installations actually act as a Bio-Filtration system for water that soaks through the grass into the water table.

Lowering the Need for Gas Engine Equipment: Because of the huge inventory of natural grass lawns there is the need for armies of landscape crews to run gas-powered mower,  edgers and trimmers. One study showed  that the average lawn will have as much as 13 gallons of gasoline spilled on it during the year of maintenance. Also, one mowing can pollute the area as much as a 100  mile trip in the car. Artificial Grass installation reduces the need for all the maintenance and consequently the emissions of pollutants cause by the maintenance equipment.

Green Job Creation: As the need for water conservation becomes more pressing, Artificial Grass installations will increase and there will be greater demand for workers in all phases of the industry. The Artificial Grass manufacturers, installers and maintenance industry will be able to absorb workers from the natural grass industry.

The Artificial Grass Industry is becoming very conscious of conservation. As Artificial Grass lawns that are being replaced due to age; one company has been able to use those turfs for creating Biofuels used in manufacturing turf. This helps with ozone gases and the burden on landfills. On the other hand, natural grass trimmings have overwhelmed the landfills and are partly responsible for creating “greenhouse” gasses emitted from landfills.