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Artificial Grass for Soccer

Soccer is one of America’s fastest growing sports. It’s accessible to players of all ages and backgrounds and is where so many kids learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and resiliency. But while the popularity of American soccer has been exploding for decades, a lack of quality fields has left it lagging behind Europe and the rest of the world. Most fields in the US are unsafe, uneconomical, and unusable for parts of the year. We want to change that!

Indoor Sports: Here's Why Artificial Turf Makes Sense
Artificial grass soccer fields.

Our Turf

Artificial Grass Recyclers creates safer playing environments with quality used sports turf. We believe that all players, from rec leagues to college and beyond, deserve a safe, comfortable environment to develop as athletes. Our turf is sourced from community sports centers, then refurbished and reused in fields across the country. The turf that we sell is specifically designed for athletes, and is capable of supporting high performance play while guaranteeing the health and well being of players.

With artificial turf for soccer, organizations can reclaim their budgets! By virtually eliminating the need for irrigation and maintenance, turf allows funds to be reallocated toward other uses, like insurance, staffing, travel, and uniforms.

Natural grass just doesn’t make the cut! Not only is it hazardous, but it performs at a much lower level than sports turf. In wetter parts of the country, continuous rain make traditional fields unusable for a quarter of the year, while in the Southwest no amount of water can guarantee that fields won’t wilt in the summer heat. Turf offers soccer organizations greater consistency, supporting a faster rate of play with less delays.


Field related injuries can seriously affect an athlete’s physical health and psychological well being. They can also hurt morale and open the door for lawsuits. Sports turf is safer than natural grass! Its tough backings make it less susceptible to holes and divots, ensuring a level, consistent playing field. Turf also helps cushion falls, reducing the risk of tears, sprains, and fractures.

Even though it might offer more cushion than natural grass, sports turf features a comparable tread and bounce to traditional fields. The performance of artificial grass is so reliable that it’s been adopted by professional soccer organizations across the globe. If it’s good enough for the Seattle Sounders, it’s good enough for any league!

Artificial turf doesn’t just perform better than grass, it’s more economical as well! The cost of real grass is limiting soccer programs! Grass fields are expensive and take funds away from staffing and equipment, resulting in shorter seasons with fewer games. America’s youth is paying for a problem that they had no decision in making.

Artificial Grass Recyclers is giving soccer organizations their budgets back with the most affordable landscaping option on the market. Recycled turf is available for 50-75% of the cost of new turf, and offers a substantially lower total cost of ownership compared to natural grass. There’s absolutely no mowing, seeding, or watering involved! By lowering the cost barrier to quality sports turf, AGR has helped clubs across America unlock their full potential. Because every dollar saved is another dollar which can be put toward uniforms, staffing, equipment, and expansion.

Indoor and Outdoor

Artificial Grass Recyclers offers product options for indoor and outdoor use. No matter your need, we have sports turf that will work for any organization. Call (855) 409-4247 for more details.

Which turf is best for soccer?

For high intensity sports we recommend sports turf. Sports turf is built for performance, offering greater durability and cushion than residential turf. We highly recommend Hybrid 59 for outdoor use and Performance Turf for indoor soccer.

Is grass or turf better for soccer?

Real grass is expensive, inconsistent, and unsafe!

Turf offers all the performance of natural grass with fewer maintenance costs and less field related injuries.

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