Cheap artificial grass bocce court.

Adding an artificial grass bocce court is a great way to add an element of fun in your backyard or business.

As you already know, artificial grass is widely used for a variety of sports due to its minimal maintenance, durability, and lifespan. What you may not know if you can use artificial grass to enhance your backyard or business with fun activities. If a putting green isn’t your style, you can add synthetic turf to create other fun areas.

The one we’re going to explore today is the bocce court.

Let’s take a look.

What is Bocce?

Developed in Italy, bocce is a popular ball sport that has its origins in certain games popular during the time of the Roman Empire. In America, the game has become increasingly popular since the 1900s, as Italian immigrants brought the game with them, and their neighbors and friends began playing it and spreading it as well.

Bocce is played with round, dense balls small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. A game starts when someone rolls or tosses a smaller ball, often called a jack or a Bocchino. Tossing, or “bowling” the bocce balls is to be done with an underhand motion so that the balls don’t fly off and become dangerous, as the balls can be quite dense and rather heavy.

This jack serves as a target, the object of the game is to roll or toss the balls so that they land as close to the jack as possible. The team or individual who places the jack gets to roll their ball first, followed by the opposing team or player. After these first two bowls, however, the team or individual whose ball is farthest from the jack gets to bowl their remaining bocce balls.  Then, the other team bowls.

The team who owns the ball landing closest to the jack gets a point for that frame. The process then repeats until the players close out the game. Generally, the average bocce game has between 7 and 13 rounds.

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Creating a Bocce Court

Bocce can accommodate as few as two players, or as many as eight.

But if you’re creative, even more, can join in.

The Players split into two teams. It is an ideal picnic, beach, barbeque, or summer afternoon game to play with friends. Creating a bocce court, therefore, is an amazing and fun addition to your landscaping.

Even though bocce has been noted as being one of the fastest growing activities in the United States, the courts for playing bocce have no set standard. Generally, they fall within a certain range, but you can adjust your court to meet the needs and availability of your yard, which is great if it is smaller.

The most important consideration when installing a bocce court is, of course, the surface material. You need a surface that will absorb the impact of the balls and reducing bouncing, while still allowing the balls to roll along relatively freely, following the natural path of the throw.

Great in All Weather Conditions

Artificial turf is an ideal choice for meeting all of these needs.

Artificial turf has so many benefits. It is, as athletes the world over have discovered, shock absorbent, reducing bouncing of the balls and allowing for them to roll. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about a grass surface wearing down from repetitive play since turf is synthetic and won’t die or wither.

When the weather is wet or soggy, your bocce court won’t become laden with mud and moisture, which will quickly ruin any pending games. Instead, it easily drains and dries and because there is no earth to seep through the blades of grass, it won’t become a mess.

Alternatively, when the weather turns hot and dry, as it does in many climates, you won’t have worry about your grass withering and creating an unideal surface for your bocce games. The turf will stay green, thick, and lush, even in the most extreme drought. Yours will be the house on the block to which all your neighbors flock for its soothing green oasis and available activities.

Upgrading Your Landscape

Relandscaping your yard is a huge undertaking but also a huge opportunity.

You can easily incorporate areas for swimming, sunbathing and games and sports. Upgrading your lawn to artificial turf makes all of these additions not only possible but practical to boot. Turf’s versatility, stability, and beauty make it an ideal choice for upgrading your landscaping.

And, while you’re creating (or recreating) the yard of your dreams, considering adding a space to play one of America’s favorite games – bocce. A yard of virtually any size can accommodate a bocce court, and artificial turf will make sure the court stays green and pristine for years, even decades. Its absorbent nature, beautiful evergreen color, and smart construction mean that turf is an ideal choice for your bocce court. Next, to your beautifully landscaped turf pet area, your slip-free turf pool surround, your always-green turf lawn, your synthetic grass bocce court will look like a natural addition.

With a turf bocce court, your neighbors will love coming to your house for picnics and cookouts, your kids will be proud to bring their friends over to hang out and play, and you will be relaxed knowing that it all comes at an affordable, low maintenance cost.

Bocce Court with artificial grass