Want to install a patch of grass for your dogs?

Many pet owners are turning to artificial grass for their dogs even if they have a back yard to let them run in. You know that artificial grass can help save money because it does not require mowing or fertilizer.

Artificial grass also helps save water.

So, why should you use this product for your pets?


Synthetic turf is completely safe for pets. Where once artificial grass had high amounts of lead, today there is no trace of lead in the grass. Synthetic grass also cuts back on exposure to chemicals because you do not have to use any in the maintenance of the lawn. To compound the safety, there are some artificial grass choices that are antimicrobial. This means that they deter bacteria and other harmful organisms from growing and thriving.


You might be concerned that it will be hard to keep artificial grass looking nice when you dog uses it to go to the bathroom, however, this is not the case. You simply hose down the grass, and the urine and feces will drain away. Because of artificial grass’s superb draining qualities, these products actually go away. They do not soak into the soil below.

Not only does the grass stay clean, but it keeps your pet clean too. With artificial grass you do not have to worry about mud or standing water. That means that your pet will not come back into the house dirty. This makes cleaning your dog and your house that much easier.

Pest Free

Because of synthetic grass’s clean qualities, it is not an ideal home for pests like fleas and ticks. That means that there is less chance that your pet will be infected with these nasty parasites.

Small Area

Another reason to get this type of grass for your pet is because you can just put it on your balcony or in some other small area. You dog will be able to be in grass, and you will not have to go that far.

Talk to Professionals

Talk to professionals today to start designing your pet area. They will be able to help you choose the best product and get the best look.