While it may be true that there is nothing quite like real grass, the numerous advantages offered by artificial turf are tough to beat. If you are debating whether you should keep it real or cheerfully fake it when it comes to the grass for your putting green, be sure to consider not just the cost of turf alone, but also these seven benefits of using synthetic grass.

1. The Cost of Turf is not as high when considering maintenance savings

To look its best, real grass needs regular mowing, trimming, watering, weeding and fertilizing. High-quality synthetic turf always looks fantastic and requires none of that hustle and bustle. In most cases, a few minutes with a rake or leaf blower is all that’s necessary. Synthetic grass is both less labor-intensive and less expensive to maintain, leaving you more time and money for more pleasant things.

2. Synthetic grass offer more “playability”

Who doesn’t want more time to play? Artificial turf gives you exactly that. When installed properly, it drains with admirable speed. It also offers a desirable durability that real turf simply can’t match. With less time spent waiting for the ground to dry or working to correct damage to the surface of your putting green, you will be able to enjoy more opportunities to polish your putting skills.

3. Synthetic grass has an attractive appearance

Once upon a time, it was immediately evident to even the least discerning eye whether grass was real or fake. Those days are long gone. Today, synthetic grass looks and feels very realistic and is available in an array of shades, gradients and styles. Some synthetics even mimic the various species of grass that are popular choices for yards.


4. Synthetic grass is pesticide-free

In a world that tends to preach that natural is best, it can be startling to realize that synthetic grass may have more to offer than its real counterpart. Nevertheless, artificial turf can be a smart choice for people who are concerned about the use of chemicals and pesticides. Because no pesticides or fertilizers are required to maintain this type of grass, there is no need to worry about being exposed to them while spending the afternoon sharpening your skills.

5. Synthetic grass can improve safety

Real grass is easily damaged by rodents and other pests. Walking, running and using the surface also takes a toll. Unfortunately, the resulting potholes, humps and patches of slippery mud can be more than unattractive; they can also be dangerous. The durability of synthetic grass creates a stable, even surface, reducing the risks of slips, falls and twisted ankles.

6. Synthetic grass conserves water

To stay fresh, green and beautiful, real grass demands water, which can pose a real problem in times of drought. Synthetic grass doesn’t mind the rain, but it never gets thirsty. Maintaining it will never result in higher water bills or cause you to run afoul of water conservation orders.

7. Synthetic grass is consistent

Synthetic grass is always the same, reliable surface. It delivers a consistent roll, eliminating some of the variables that can make it hard to hone your putting skills and allowing you to concentrate on what you can control.

The real thing isn’t always the best thing. When it comes to grass for your putting green, using synthetic grass can be a smart choice.

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