So you’re thinking about artificial grass … but is it a good idea?

In addition to saving you time, money, and water due to its low-maintenance nature, artificial grass also lasts for years and offers the same lush look as real grass.

The technology used in modern synthetic turf makes it look so real that you have to actually bend down and try to pluck up a few blades to tell. There are different styles of natural grasses that synthetic turf is made to mimic, so your artificial lawn can match what your neighbors have in look and texture.

Let’s take a closer look.

Is Artificial Grass A Good Idea?

Synthetic turf is great for filling in side yards, front yards, pet areas, around swimming pools and under trees.

Considering it is used in large stadiums, even big yards can have artificial grass. You may even want a specialty area on your lawn such as a permanent putting green that does not require the maintenance that real putting turf requires.

If your lawn is suffering due to constant drought and watering restrictions, replace it with synthetic turf grass.

How Much Maintenance Does Artificial Grass Require?

If your synthetic turf was correctly installed, you just need a broom and a garden hose to keep it looking great.

Just sweep away debris and rinse any areas where pets have soiled. Unlike real grass, synthetic lawn turf never needs water, fertilizer, aeration, dethatching, weed killers or insecticides.

You can save a fortune in labor and chemicals using synthetic grass at your home.

Buying Recycled Synthetic Turf

Sports is a multi-billion dollar business.

Many professional and school football fields use synthetic turf. Fields are also regularly being upgraded with new turf to look good on TV and to keep players happy. The artificial grass that is being recycled can be like new, and it can result in substantial savings to you if you choose to have it installed at your home.

You get an artificial lawn that looks brand new without paying anywhere near the cost for new synthetic turf.


If you are tired of mowing, trimming, feeding, reseeding and watering your lawn to only still have brown spots, consider the year round beauty of synthetic turf.

Your lawn will look great in the spring, summer, fall and winter months, freeing up all those Saturdays spent caring for your lawn.

Quality artificial grass looks great and feels great underfoot.

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