Using artificial grass indoors can be better than other surface materials for a variety of reasons.

Grass offers athletes more traction and cushion, while giving a similar environment to the outdoors. In addition to sports facilities, facilities sometimes use artificial grass indoors for varied surface textures, including pet facilities and fitness centers.

Let’s focus on sports for now though.

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Where to Use Artificial Grass Indoors

This largely depends on the goal of your property. If you’re creating a fitness center, for example, you might want to section off a corner for crossfit activities. If you’re creating an indoor paintball field, you may be interested in covering the entire facility wit the turf to accommodate long hours of play for your customers.

For other sports, it’s more straight-forward – an indoor soccer field will need an entire field’s worth of artificial grass.

Here’s a quick list of sports that sometimes use artificial grass indoors.

1. CrossFit

Many weightlifters involved in CrossFit may have worked out in the outdoors because some of the routines benefit from grass. However, some locations are not conducive to having an outdoor area. Artificial grass installed indoors is beneficial because you can do all of the work outs in one place, it is easy to clean, it provides cushioning for a variety of movements and it looks good.

2. Football

Indoor or arena football fields would struggle to keep real glass alive. Artificial grass is beneficial because it does not require maintenance or sunlight. It tends to be more durable as well, so you will not have to worry about athletes ripping it as they tackle each other.

3. Lacrosse

Artificial turn offers athletes more grip and cushion at the same time. When it comes to indoor lacrosse, these athletes benefit from the synthetic grass because teams can play both indoors and outdoors without drastic changes in the feeling of the sport.

4. Soccer

Another reason that this type of flooring can be beneficial for indoor sports is because the lines can actually be sewn right in. This means that the lines needed for soccer will not have to be repainted because they are a part of the grass. That can save money while offering a great looking product.

If you are looking for a flooring solution for indoor sports, do not underestimate what artificial turf can do for you. It provides a great surface for athletes to run and move on. It is cheaper than other flooring options. It is even easy to clean. Turn to artificial grass for your indoor sporting needs.