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We put together an artificial grass installation video to help provide you with a better understanding of what recycled artificial grass is and where it comes from.

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A Quick Overview

As the ongoing drought devastates the Southwest, homeowners are looking to drought-tolerant landscaping solutions in an effort to cut down their water usage, save money, and do their part to help conserve water for their city and state.

Drought-tolerant landscaping can be expensive for some homeowners depending on the size of their property and the desired landscaping solution.

Artificial grass has become the desired drought-tolerant solution for homeowners interested in preserving the idea of the green lawn in the front and backyards. However, new artificial grass is often too expensive for those with larger properties, even despite the available water rebates!

This is where recycled artificial grass comes in.

Watch Our Recycled Artificial Grass Installation Video Below

This quick artificial grass installation video illustrates the entire process of removing and recycling artificial grass. We hope you enjoy a peek behind the scenes!

We hope you enjoyed our artificial grass installation video.

As you can see, the process is quite extensive and requires a specialized organization of professionals – and that’s exactly what we are here at Artificial Grass Recyclers (AGR).

We’ve developed a streamlined process over the years and expanded our fleet of equipment in effort to bring you more affordable drought-tolerant landscaping materials.

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Recycled Artificial Grass Is Affordable

Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up the landscaping of your property, a way to add a private putting green in your backyard, or a way to install long-lasting sports turf for your athletic facility, but want to keep your cost down as much as possible, recycled artificial grass is the solution for you.

Each year perfectly good artificial turf is carefully removed from sports fields all over the country and dumped into landfills. This is not only a waste of a valuable resource, it clogs up landfills unnecessarily. Artificial Grass Recyclers is proud to be one of the few companies that specializes in the process of recycling these materials in an effort to re-purpose quality material for those interested in the benefits artificial turf offers.

We sell used artificial turf at an 80% discount.

And, remember, artificial grass continues to save you money month after month, year after year.

Artificial Grass Is Affordable

AGR harvests the used turf from a variety of sources. The primary source of the used turf is sports fields used by high school, college, and professional teams. We cut the turf into 15’ by 45’ pieces, ship them to our partners who in turn deliver them to homes and businesses all over the country. Laying out the recycled turf once it arrives is simple. We provide step by step instructions in our artificial grass installation video. Once the customer follows the instructions, they can use the recycled sports turf for a variety of landscape applications.

Using recycled sports turf is a great way to make any area look neat, smooth, and uniform. It can also transform any flat area into a safe place for your children or pets to play. Some communities used the recycled sports turf to create sports fields of their own. Not only does the recycled turf cost 80% less to purchase, it also saves lots of money on maintaining the area where it’s installed. With recycled turf there’s no need for watering and very little maintenance is required. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined in the artificial grass installation video and it’s ready for fun.

Choosing to use recycled sports turf is a cost-efficient option for private citizens, businesses, and communities. It is also an eco-friendly option. Each square foot of artificial turf you use saves over 60 gallons of water a year while making your landscaping look great. The key is to carefully follow the easy installation steps in theartificial grass installation video. It makes covering any area, large or small, a breeze. Mention this cost saving idea at your next company, neighborhood organization, or family meeting and you’ll be hailed as a fiscally responsible visionary.

DIY Installation

Installing the recycled artificial grass on your own might be a larger project to take on, but the experienced do-it-yourself homeowner might find the challenge exciting.

With a few tools and a willing team, you can transform your home or business landscaping project into a masterpiece that saves you money without the need of maintenance.

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With that said, it’s important you follow the steps very closely, as the life of your artificial grass will depend on the details involved during the installation.

One missed step may impact the quality of the artificial grass, including bumps, wrinkles, and other imperfections.

Watch our How-to Video Series

There are many uses for recycled artificial turf and great benefits too. It can improve the look of your landscaping, help you afford a good community sports field or playground, or provide the smooth surface you need for paintball, batting cages, or other indoor activities.

Consider using inexpensive recycled sport turf.

Want to learn more about the benefits of artificial grass, including how it saves time, money, and creates a safer environment for you, your family, and your pets? Check out the Artificial Grass Recyclers Blog, where we explore all of this and more daily.

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