Just because you live in an apartment or condo doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little artificial grass. Here’s how you can save small artificial grass outdoor areas.

You don’t have to live in a large house to take advantage of the benefits of artificial grass outdoor areas.

The truth, however, is that artificial turf is actually ideal for small living spaces, as well. Whether you live in an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, or an RV, artificial turf is a convenient, cost-effective, and beautiful addition for smaller outdoor areas.

There are so many ways to use artificial turf in smaller living spaces while still creating a huge impact (that will drive your neighbors to jealousy).

Read on to find out more about living small with artificial grass outdoor areas.

You may find yourself making a purchase sooner than you first thought.

Apartments and Condos

If you live in an apartment or condominium, then you know that outdoor space comes with a premium.

Because apartments are built to offer many people living space in a small (and mostly vertical) location, balconies, gardens, and outdoor entertaining areas are often hard to find – and, when they are available, they are small, or may not get enough sunlight to grow thick, lush grass. So in these spaces of cement and brick, mortar and steel, how can you make a homey, warm, verdant garden?

Adding an artificial grass outdoor area is a great way to recreate the feeling of nature in even a tiny environment. You won’t have to worry about uncooperative climates or environments when you install artificial turf – no matter if you live stories above the nearest fertile soil, your outdoor space will always look green and alive, the perfect welcoming, comfortable area to entertain.

If you have a shared common outdoor space in your urban oasis, consider requesting that artificial turf is used to enhance the space. It will allow room for outdoor games like Bocce and cornhole, will make the space more aesthetically pleasing and will increase the comfort and enjoyment of all those using the space. If you have a rooftop balcony, you can create the look of a “living roof” by installing artificial turf and decorating with planters of flowers and flowering bushes. It may even make your apartment, condo, or build more pet-friendly, as artificial turf can be used as an eco-friendly, easily cleaned area for pets to exercise and relieve themselves.

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Swimming Pool Area in RVs Parks

Offering residents a swimming pool area for the warm summer months is another common feature in RV parks.

This is another ideal area to landscape with synthetic turf. Grass can become worn, and frequently traversed paths may become muddy and slippery. Additionally, people lounging by the pool may not want to deal with mowers or, worse, grass that sticks to their wet bathing suits. Artificial turf is an ideal and attractive alternative that will circumvent this inconveniences while creating a safe, slip-free surface.

Artificial turf is an ideal and attractive alternative that will circumvent this inconveniences while creating a safe, slip-free surface.

A Place for Your Pets

Artificial lawns are great for pets.

Depending on the size of your pet, it may only need a small area so it can both exercise and do their ”business” on it throughout the year. The good news is that pet waste won’t impact your artificial grass negatively, as it allows fluids and urine to drain.

You can even opt for dog-friendly features such as optimum absorption and drain when purchasing your artificial grass – simply ask the manufacturer or store.

The fact is, pets treat artificial grass as if it were real grass, and will around and play on it happily.

Healthy Lifestyle for Everyone

Having artificial grass outdoor areas is great for keeping the kids active.

During their days off school, it’s not an easy task to keep them busy and you’ll often find them watching cartoons or playing their favorite video games. Instead, with artificial turf in your garden, they will be able to have fun outside.

The whole family can even join in to spend some quality time together.

Easy-to-Maintain Landscaping

Don’t have time to maintain a lawn? No problem! Artificial grass is perfect.

It can handle both cold and hot environments while also keeping its color and durability. It is easy to keep the surface of your artificial grass clean, especially if you have a garden blower to get rid of the top surface of debris.

The good news is, if your area door area is very small, it means that you will have less cleaning to do.

Choosing the Right Product

There are different types of artificial turf, including recycled artificial turf, which can be purchased for a cheaper price.

You will need to consider many factors and ask the company who you are buying from a few questions before you make your purchase.

Will your small outdoor area be a high traffic zone?

Will it be placed under swings and slides?

Do you live in a hot or cold climate?

There are certain technologies that are available for children’s playgrounds, such as dense turf. There is also artificial grass available that can help keep temperatures low. Make sure you ask around and do your research.


Even though synthetic turf may originally have been created for large-scale spaces (think professional sports fields, golf courses, or large lawns), the truth is that it may actually be more useful and practical for small spaces, like apartment decks or RV swimming pool areas.

Creating artificial grass outdoor areas gives a bright, green, spacious look, even when space itself may be limited.

You can choose from a variety of colors for your space to make it eye-catching, or stick to a minimalist design if that’s what you prefer.

Artificial grass in small living areas is just one more way artificial turf makes a big, beautiful statement, no matter the size or location of your yard or home. You may even want to invite guests round so they can see how valuable it is.

Get started today with planning your artificial grass landscape for living small.

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Enjoying Small Artificial Grass Outdoor Areas for Apartments