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Artificial Turf in Reno Nevada

Do you live or work in Reno Nevada? Artificial Grass Recyclers has developed an affordable high quality line of advanced synthetic grass products that are available in Reno, NV. Artificial turf can give you a green lush looking yard all year long. Even in the dead of summer. Natural looking artificial grass starting as low as $2.35 a square foot. See our product line here.

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But wait a minute, have you ever considered used turf?  AGR is the national leader in recycling used sport turf.  Used artificial grass is extremely affordable artificial-turf-reno-nvand is becoming very popular.  There is used turf that is as cheap as .50¢ a square foot.  AGR offers the largest selection of new and used  artificial grass products in the country,  at all different price ranges for all kinds of budgets.

Our turf products are a great fit for not only homeowners, but for business owneres and local municipalities, who are interested in finding an Eco-friendly water-less landscaping alternative to natural grass landscaping. Many of our customers are also schools and athletic facilities in the area, searching for a better playing surface for sports. To learn more about our synthetic turf products or to purchase fake grass, please contact Artificial Grass Recyclers.

Fake Grass?

Are you on the search for athletic synthetic turf? Artificial Grass Recyclers carries affordable fake turf used for sports fields such as soccer, baseball, and football fields. Have you wondered why there are a lot of schools and athletic facilities installing synthetic grass? The benefits of fake grass are the reasons why.

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Real Grass vs. Fake Grass

Synthetic grass is a durable field surface that can withstand the outdoor elements that can also save time and money on in regards to irrigation and field maintenance. Artificial grass is also a superior sport field surface because it is more level and can improve athlete performance. In addition, a synthetic sport field can increase the play time of a field by 30%.

Watch this short video to learn more about AGR and Used Turf

Is Artificial Turf Cost Effective?

If you own a house or any property in Reno, artificial turf is a cost-effective way to upgrade your property and eliminate water and maintenance bills. Many property owners choose synthetic lawns because they look green and healthy ever day of the year. Artificial lawns don’t require a lawn mower or a person’s time to do the mowing.

Where do you purchase fake grass? That is a good question. AGR has artificial turf in Reno that is available for the city and the surrounding communities. The first step is determining the application and the project details. Artificial Grass Recyclers can help you select the right artificial lawn product for your project. Whether you need residential, commercial, or athletic fake grass, we have it here at the most affordable prices.

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