Artificial Grass Tips

I would like to thank you for order. Just a few reminders or tips to help you with getting your order delivered to your place of business. We want to be sure that you are happy with your turf and that your shipment moves fast and with safety. The rolls of turf are used and some can be very heavy from 2000lbs to 5000lbs a roll. The turf comes from sport fields this means that there will be markings in the turf. You can cut them out or paint the markings. Please if you decide to cut out the markings order extra to accommodate for the waste.

Trucking and shipping

Please note that you will need a flat bed truck or trailer to move the turf NO BOX trucks allowed. Each state has a weight limit please be aware of this. If you decide to pick up the turf with your own truck please be aware of the weight specially if your turf has infill. You need a truck and a trailer to move the turf. The trailer has a weight raring please be aware of this weight limit. The facility will not load a pickup truck with our turf that contains infill. Artificial grass recyclers will not be responsible for any damage to any trucks or trailers due to the weight of the turf.

Unloading the turf

It is not the responsibility of Artificial grass recyclers or the truck driver to unload the turf. The turf is extremely heavy. There must be a fork lift on site that can haul the appropriate weight. There are creative was to remove the turf off a trailer for instance taking a strap wrapping it around a tree and driving the truck and sliding the turf off the truck. The other is to have a truck that has hydraulics for instance a tow truck.

Again I would like to thank you for your business. Our staff here at Artificial Grass Recyclers hopes you enjoys the turf that you have purchased from us. We also would like before and after pictures of your project if you have the time to take a couple snap shots.