Artificial Turf for Playgrounds

Grade school faculty and municipalities are increasingly turning to artificial turf for playgrounds, as the artificial turf provides a safer cushioned surface and doesn’t require maintenance.

Once the staple of every elementary school and found in town parks everywhere, the playground seems to be going the way of the dinosaur.

Two main issues that are likely the source of more closed or never developed playgrounds than anything else is potential litigation and ongoing maintenance. The two go hand in hand. Failed maintenance can lead to safety concerns with playgrounds and equipment.

Planning A Safer Playground with Artificial Turf

Planning A Safer Playground with Artificial TurfPlaygrounds must meet specific safety guidelines to protect children as much as possible.

Slight playground injuries such as bumps and scrapes are bound to occur no matter what precautions are taken, but injuries that result due to perceived negligence are the worry of playground designers.

This is why soft surfaces, covered bolt heads, foam guards, rounded corners and other things are incorporated into the design of playgrounds. It is easy to find equipment that is low to no maintenance but the actual playground use to be an ongoing maintenance issue.

The surfaces under swings sets and other playground apparatus types is usually a mulching material of soft sand. The problem with mulch, even rubber mulch, and sand is that it can easily conceal bits of broken glass or other injurious objects.

This makes daily inspection a safety requirement, which can be costly for property managers overseeing maintenance.

Natural mulch must be replenished seasonally and sand eventually compacts or erodes over time.

Installing Artificial Turf for Playgrounds Is Easy

Installing Artificial Turf for Playgrounds - Artificial Grass Recyclers

There’s no need to remove existing equipment when installing artificial turf for playgrounds.

Installing artificial turf for playgrounds is noninvasive, as the turf can be installed without removing playground equipment.

This is particularly beneficial for those interested in keeping costs down.

Whether you’re interested in creating a safer playground for your school, park, or backyard, you will find artificial turf provides one of the most affordable solutions. In addition to keeping costs down, artificial turf won’t take long to install.

Installing artificial turf for playgrounds is fast, affordable, and preserves the safety and beauty of your playground.

Artificial Turf As A Playground Surface

New Marathon SpecArtificial turf for playgrounds is an alternative for rubber, natural mulches, and sand.

The single surface can be used over the entire playground area from where the equipment is to any leisure areas where benches and picnic tables may be. The system used for artificial turf for playgrounds utilizes compacted soil over a packed layer of small aggregate with another layer of rubberized fill below the turf.

The rubberized material is the “impact layer” that mulch and sand would serve.

The covering of the synthetic turf eliminates any low or high spots in the impact layer and present a beautiful landscaped appearance with no need of mowing, watering, fertilizing or other maintenance.

Artificial Turf for Your Playground

Whether you have a design in mind or you’re just interested in keeping the cost down, Artificial Grass Recyclers can help bring your project to fruition while staying within your budget using used artificial turf.

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