Are you weighing the differences between artificial lawn vs real grass? Perhaps wondering about the cost of artificial turf compared to natural grass?

When deciding what type of lawn to put down, you have two main options to choose from.

So, would you be best going for artificial grass or the real type?

The truth is that there are a number of different factors to take into account before you reach a decision on this subject. Why not take a look at the following issues and see which ones are most important to you?

The Cost of Artificial Turf vs Natural Grass

The very first point that you are likely to want to take into account is around the cost of artificial lawn vs real grass.

While your first impression might be that artificial grass is going to be a lot more expensive, there are some factors to bear in mind here that ensure that isn’t such a clear-cut matter.

For a start, it is worth remembering that a high quality artificial lawn should last you for a couple of decades or so without any additional costs. If you choose natural grass, you will most likely need to re-seed it a few times within that time period, which can cost a lot as well as take up much of your time.

Another fact that you might not be aware of is the lower cost of recycled artificial turf when compared to the completely new type. By choosing grass that has been lifted up and recycled, you get a quality lawn that costs less then you might think.

Overall, artificial grass should work out cheaper but in the long run.

The Maintenance Needed

Arguably the biggest factor in favor of artificial turf is that it is virtually maintenance free.

No matter what the weather is like or how heavily you use it, it will only need a small amount of cleaning and washing every now and then.

On the other hand, real grass can be a bit of a pain to look after. This is especially true if you walk on it a lot, the weather is harsh or weeds starting popping up.

Of course, it may be that you are looking for a new hobby and that looking after your lawn and the rest of your outdoor space is ideal. In that case, you may feel that having a real grass lawn will give you something to keep you busy.

However, if you want to free up more of your spare time for other things, then a low maintenance artificial lawn is likely to be the best choice for you. You just need to hose it down occasionally and pick up any rubbish that gathers on it.

The Use You Will Give It

How much are you likely to use the lawn once it is laid?

Will young kids be playing on it most days or will there be a couple of dogs strolling about on it?

We each have a different idea for how we will use our outdoor spaces and it is important to take this into account. The hard-wearing quality of artificial grass means that it is better suited to heavy use, as it won’t get patchy over time.

It is worth looking a little bit into the future when mulling over this point. For example, are you likely to change the use of your garden as you start a family or own pets in a few years time?

Also, you should remember that having an attractive lawn that you can only use for short periods of time every year can be frustrating. Ideally, this will be a practical space as well as being something that is great to look at.

The Looks

Having just looked at the practical matter of how you use the lawn, it is now time to consider what it looks like. After all, this is likely to be a highly visible part of your home that you want to look fantastic.

In this respect, there is very little to choose between the two types of grass. They will both give a tremendous look for your outdoor area if you make a good choice and then look after it in the right way.

Clearly, real grass can quickly become unsightly if it isn’t well maintained, but well looked after grass does look fantastic. Equally, if you choose quality artificial turf then you get a look that is very similar to that of natural grass.

If you currently have a bare or straggly lawn then laying either artificial or real grass will quickly give you a huge improvement.

Safety Matters

This is another point in which there is little to choose between the two types of grass. Both natural grass and artificial turf provide soft and safe areas provided they are well-laid and looked after.

If the lawn is going to be used by young children or for playing sports on then this is an especially crucial point to take into account. You certainly don’t want to see someone badly injure themselves in your property.

If you go for natural grass then you will want to get a flat, level surface that is free of rocks and other obstacles. This isn’t always easy to achieve and can take a lot of work, depending on what condition your lawn is in. In terms of artificial turf you will want a spongy type with a good underlay to provide further cushioning.

Environmental Issues

Perhaps the point in which you most expect natural grass to win is when it comes to the environmental issue. After all, you would expect real grass to be far kinder to the planet in every case.

While this is true to a certain extent, it is possible to choose artificial grass without fretting too much over how you might be harming the planet. How? By choosing recycled artificial grass, of course.

In this way, you get all the benefits of having great artificial grass without the same level of concerns about the environmental impact. If this puts your mind at ease, then it’s definitely time for you to take the next step and get artificial grass installed on your lawn.

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