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Artificial batting cage turf can save you time and money, as it doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as natural grass. Whether you own an independent batting cages facility or manage an athletic program with batting cages, you will find artificial turf an economic solution for your needs.

Want to save even more money?

Artificial Grass Recyclers specializes in recycling existing artificial sports turf for second-hand use at smaller sporting facilities, including batting cages.

In addition, your customers, team, or league members will love it for its uniformity and consistency.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why Artificial Is Better for Batting Cage Turf

Batting cage turf from Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial grass provides a uniform, low maintenance batting cage turf.

Athletic programs, both amateur and profession, have found artificial grass beneficial for its uniform surface area, low maintenance upkeep, and durability.

Natural grass surface area differs depending on its maintenance and usage, which can distract people from focusing on their practice. This can upset your customers as a facility owner and hold batters back from making progress, which can result in a negative perspective of your facility.

Overall, artificial grass is better for batting cage turf because it saves time, resources, and money … and batters are less distracted, so they can focus on their game instead of the surface area of the batting cages.

Less Maintenance for You

artificial grass landscaping doesn't need water

Artificial grass landscaping doesn’t require water like natural grass landscaping.

Maintenance is one of the biggest challenges for batting cage and sports field managers.

In addition to mowing, fertilizing, and sodding, you have to water natural turf. This can add up quickly if your turf is in poor condition or if your location is faced with water restrictions in light of the ongoing drought.

That’s one uphill struggle you can avoid.

You may not enjoy the smell of natural grass, but artificial grass doesn’t require mowing, fertilizing, or sodding. Perhaps most important of all, artificial grass doesn’t require water like natural grass.

By installing artificial batting cage turf, you can avoid these requirements and focus your time, money, and energy on other matters.

Less Cost for You

Batting cage turf - Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial grass doesn’t require the water or maintenance natural grass requires.

Let’s talk about money.

Whether you own a batting cage business or have a limited budget to make things work for your athletics program, money is always a pressing issue.

As mentioned, artificial grass doesn’t require the same resources natural grass requires, so you won’t have to worry about the stress of bringing in enough money to cover your maintenance expenses or keeping your surface areas in good shape for your school.

Artificial grass keeps the cost down without sacrificing the quality of your batting cages.

If you’re looking to save money upfront, you can reduce your costs even further by installing recycled artificial turf. There’s no difference in quality and it helps prevent waste from piling up in the local landfill.


Artificial grass is an exceptionally beneficial solution for those looking for batting cage turf.

Like any time-consuming process, batting cage turf can require a lot of attention from you if you’re using natural surfaces. As one of the most valuable assets you have, your time should be protected from processes that can be automated.

Installing artificial batting cage turf as opposed to natural grass is like automating your maintenance responsibilities.

In addition, cutting down on water usage is more important than ever before – especially for business owners and school. Artificial grass protects the quality of the batting cage turf surface while also reducing water dependency and use, which not only saves money and water, but also supports your city and state.

Take a look at some of the recycled artificial grass products we offer.

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