Interested in the benefits of planting native shrubs?

Choosing to use native plant species in your landscape, also known as water wise gardening, provides a wide range of benefits for both the environment and the home owner.

Planting native shrubs is one way to beautify your landscape with minimal work and minimal usage of natural resources. Every region has its own varieties of native shrubs that can provide shade, flowers, fragrance, texture and color to a home landscape. Consider these benefits and add a few native shrubs to your landscape.

Low Maintenance

Native shrubs are acclimated to the region from which they come.

They are tolerant of the climate, soil and light conditions and need to no human intervention to thrive. Once planted, native shrubs will grow without being fertilized, watered or protected from cold winters or hot summers. Plant them and forget about them.

Companion Plants

Native shrubs grow well with other native plants being planted in close proximity to them.

In their natural habitat, these plants has adjusted to growing alongside of each other, and in some cases may have even become inter-dependent upon each other for natural pest and disease control.

No Chemicals Needed

Native shrubs will never require the usage of chemical fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides. Less work and expense on you, plus less pollution to seep into the soil and water system.

Natural Food and Mulch

The leaves of native shrubs do not need to be raked or otherwise removed.

The leaves have evolved into becoming the shrubs own natural source of mulch, food and soil enhancer after they fall from the plant.

Low Cost

Native shrubs cost less to purchase and almost zero dollars to maintain. An occasional pruning may be the only time and energy investment needed. If you or a friend own a large piece of property, native shrubs may already be growing on the property which can be transplanted to other locations, reducing the cost of your naturescaping significantly.

Eco-Friendly Landscape

Native shrubs, along with other native flowers and plants, are perfect to use in conjunction with artificial turf to make a home landscape eco-friendly. Using less water and chemicals leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint so more natural resources are left for future generations.