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What is Recycled artificial grass?

The majority of recycled artificial grass comes from sports centers upgrading their turf or from projects that had a  short-term artificial grass installation. Recycled artificial grass can be entirely green, but could have markings from sports fields.

5,400,000 sqft of Recycled Artificial Grass in Stock!

We are confident that we have a product to fit your budget and application.

Benefits of Recycled Artificial Turf

Reduced Water & Maintenance Bill

No Muddy Lawn

Decreased Rodent Activity

Green Lawn All Year Around

Cost 25-50% Less Than New Turf

DIY Support

18 Mo, $0 Down, $0 Interest Financing

47 Locations Nationwide

Bulk Pricing as Low as $50/Roll

  • Reduced Water Bill
  • No Muddy Lawn
  • Decreased Rodent Activity
  • Green Lawn All Year Long
  • Cost 25-50% Less Than New Turf
  • D.I.Y. Support
  • 18 Month / $0 Down / 0% Interest Financing
  • 47 Locations Nationwide
  • Bulk Pricing as Low as $50/ Roll

Make an educated decision


There are many different colors and types of turf. Knowing the differences can help you make the best decision for your specific project.

Monofilament Artificial Grass

Monofilament artificial grass is the most natural looking option available. This artificial grass is preferred for landscape applications due to its natural appearance. Monofilament artificial grass has a slim, straight blade, with a nice soft touch.

Slit-Filament Artificial Grass

Slit-filament artificial grass has been designed to withhold the abuse of applications such as sports or heavy traffic areas. Slit filament minimizes the blade count in the backing weave, making it near impossible for the grass yarn to fall out. The web fiber acts as a barrrier to keep your infill from migrating, which keeps maintenance low.

Common Questions & Answers

Is Recycled Artificial Turf All Green?

Not always, sometimes there are markings from the field it came from, whether that field was for football, soccer, baseball, etc. You can simply cut the markings out, or spray over them.

Are the Rolls Heavy?

The weight of the roll will depend on inventory. Please be sure to ask your national sales representative. Sometimes there is infill in the roll which would make it heavier.

How Do You Transport the Turf?

An open trailer is required for pick up.

Is It Possible to Install Myself?

Yes, a majority of our clients are the D.I.Y. homeowner and we have steps available to guide you through the process.

Do I Have to Load the Product on My Own?

No, the site will take care of loading your open trailer.

Do You Offer Delivery?

Please ask your national sales rep if your site offers delivery. Delivery is subject to location for recycled artificial grass.


If you are not sure that recycled turf is right for you, we also offer a wide variety of new products.

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