Have you ever dreamt about creating the perfect playground for your kids in your back yard? Have you seen the options available to buy and build a DIY playground and thought they were lacking?

Then this article is for you.

It is totally possible to create a unique DIY playground, right in your back yard. Here are some ideas and tips for building yours.

Why DIY?

There are plenty of reasons why. Firstly, you can create something that’s really tailored to you and your kids. If your kid has certain needs or preferences, you can factor them in. Plus, you can make the playground blend in to your existing back yard, if you want to keep aesthetic harmony. It is possible! The best reason though, is that it gives you a project you can work on with your children. When you’re both done, you’ll have something you can both be proud of and remember.

Free Play Equipment

Building your own back yard playground means you can do a lot of things for cheap, or even free!

Here are some elements you could include yourself without breaking the bank:

– Logs: Chopped up logs can have all kinds of uses in a playground. They can be fun to scramble over, create dens with or build with. Check on Craigslist and other online classified sites. People often chop trees down and are looking for someone to take the logs away.

– Pool noodle abacus: It’s almost free, and encourages learning. What’s not to love? All you have to do is cut up some pool noodles and string them onto some rope. Then, tie the rope between two stationary objects. Trees are usually the best things to use.

Tire swing: Sometimes, the old ideas are the best. You can use the old tire from your care if you’re due an upgrade, or ask your local mechanics if they have an old one lying around. Get some sturdy chain and a stable tree and your kids are good to go.

Build it Yourself

If you’ve looked at the play equipment in catalogs and thought they were lacking, why not build your own? With a little bit of time and effort, you’ll have a playground that’s the envy of all your kid’s friends.

This article shows you just how to do it. It has a set of blueprints you can follow to create a playground like theirs, although others are easily found online.

There are some things you’ll need to consider while building:

– Skill: You’ll need some amount of skill to put such a project together. Call on friends and family to give you a hand, if required.

– Time: Depending on how good you are with a hammer, you may need some time to complete this. It’ll depend on how many people are helping, too.

– Aging: As awesome as your new playground will be, your kids will eventually grow up. Think about what you’d do with the structure then. You could sell it, or even give it to charity.

Creative Backyard Toys

There’s lots of ways you can encourage your kids’ creativity in your back yard:

Chalkboard wall: This is really easy to create. Find a blank, smooth stretch of wall and paint it with chalkboard paint. It’ll be easy to wash off with the hose, too.

Music fence: Do you have any spare fencing laying around? Then here’s what you can do with it. Paint it up and hang a number of musical instruments from it. Think pots and pans, xylophones and wooden spoons.

Rain boot planters: Got some old rain boots? Work with your kids to paint them and fill them with colorful plants. Then, dot them around the playground. They’ll love decorating it with something they made.

Encourage Your Little Scientists

All children are little scientists, so give them the space to experiment in the playground:

DIY water wall: This simple project asks you to screw plastic bottles onto a fence, which children can then fill with water. They’ll then be able to experiment with how much makes the bottles tilt and pour their water out. Great for some summer fun!

Huge bubbles: All you need is a hula hoop, a kiddie pool and some bubble solution. Then, your kids have a huge bubble maker right at their finger tips.

– Water table: You don’t need to spend big money on store bought water tables. All you need is a patio table and a big tub. Add in some toys and your kids will have fun for hours.

Practicalities to Consider

Making your own playground is a serious amount of fun and will give you so much valuable time with your children. However, there are some practicalities to consider before you start building.

– The aesthetic of your yard: If you spend every day in your yard making it beautiful, this project may not be for you. Your garden will be full of children, who may kick over the odd potted plant or muddy up the lawn.

– Safety issues: Of course, you’ll build something safe for your kids, but just think about what will keep them safe on your equipment. Artificial grass or wood chippings can provide a soft playing surface for cheap.

– Liability: If friends come over, you’ll need to lay out some ground rules. Kids trip and fall all the time, but you want their parents to know you did your best to keep them safe. Make sure they know how to use the equipment before they get stuck in.

All in all though, it’s a lot easier to build a DIY playground than you’d think. The feeling of pride you’ll have when you’ve finished cannot be underestimated. Also, think of the time you’ll save on driving the kids back and forth to the nearest playground!

Prepare yourself, though. Once all their friends hear about their cool new play equipment, they’ll want to come try it out for themselves.