It’s time to get back in the garden.

How you decide to do that will determine whether or not your garden survives the ongoing drought conditions. We found a helpful article full of drought-tolerant gardening ideas and wanted to share it here with you in case you were interested in creating a sustainable garden and landscape.

Take a look.

Drought-Tolerant Gardening Ideas

We recommend combining a few of the options included in the article, as well as installing either artificial grass or stone to cover the majority of your lawn. Combining drought-tolerant landscaping ideas with drought-tolerant surface covers is a great way to reduce your water bill dramatically.

Potted hens and chicks succulents create visual interest among a field of perennial grasses.

Read Ideas to Steal from Drought-Tolerant Gardens

Whether you’re interested in planing succulents this year or redesigning your landscaping, we think you’ll find some great ideas here.

Let us know which are your favorite!