A lush lawn has emotional value.

It’s where our kids grow up, where we host parties, and where we enjoy the peace and quiet of our backyard.

With the increasing cost of water and devastating drought, the lawn has taken a beating – in many cases, to the point where it’s lost its charm and become more of burden. Whether you’re watering it in attempt to keep it healthy (expensive), or you’re letting it run its course with the hope the climate will return to what it used to be, you miss your lush lawn.

How do we move forward?

Enjoy A Lush Drought-Tolerant Lawn

It’s unknown whether or not the climate will return to what it used to be, so we have to move forward with the expectation that the drought will be around for years to come.

But can we do without losing our lawn?

We think so.

“We went to a house for a cocktail party and saw this lush lawn. My kids and I couldn’t believe it. It looked so rich and inviting we all immediately took off our shoes and walked in it. A lawn is a beautiful, emotional thing, like a pool, and it has an emotional value. It makes a garden look beautiful and serene,” – Dominguez

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Recycled artificial grassReplacing your natural lawn with artificial lawn can be a good solution, as it doesn’t need the same amount of water to maintain its healthy appearance. In addition, with recycled artificial grass, it may be

You can also add stone features, including patios, dividers, and pathways to break up your landscaping into areas.

How do you plan on saving water throughout the year?