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More than any other state, Texas can benefit from artificial grass. The dramatic weather patterns in Texas demand extreme water conservation throughout the year. With severe temperatures, it is challenging to grow natural grass in the Austin area. Choosing a playground or lawn with artificial grass can save homeowners water and keep them cool in the Texas heat. Austin’s extreme climate makes the synthetic grass a landscaping solution for homeowners and contractors across the city. Robust green turf is a welcoming oasis that adds aesthetic and monetary value to any home. That’s why homeowners in Austin like to set up new synthetic lawns for their beautiful properties.

Uses of artificial grass

In the past, most people were a little reluctant to put their trust in artificial grass – and that made sense. There was a time when the quality of artificial turf was not up to par with natural grass, but that time has passed. The quality of the product is so high that most people prefer the beauty obtained from artificial grass over the traditional alternative. It requires little care and maintenance, which is another benefit that deserves your attention because you know for sure that keeping the lawn 100% stable is very challenging. To get the right results for your property, it is a good idea to use a time-tested team of artificial grass installers — and here we are!

Residential Use

Synthetic grass can be used instead of natural grass in various situations on the terrace, balcony, playpen, or front lawn. Improvements have been made to the design and appearance, bringing it closer to the look of natural grass. Another exciting new product is available, a filling option intended for turf used by domestic pets! Due to the ammonia that turns into gas, this is the only filling that prevents pet smell. In other words, your lawn will prevent unpleasant odors by having pet turf laid over it. Our product is excellent for pets and safe for children. It is a low-cost alternative to maintain fresh synthetic grass.

Commercial Use

The use of synthetic grass is growing! Customers install turf for many different applications, Training centers, restaurant ceilings, walls, shops, fairs, and all sorts of displays. Artificial turf can also be installed at airport runways to assist in cleaning the air and water, improve engine life (by removing dust), and help avoid birds from entering the aircraft reactors. Birds don’t often stick around synthetic turf because, unlike natural lawns, artificial turf does not provide them with food, like worms and insects. The birds quickly realize that there is nothing left to eat and leave the premises.

Daycare and Playgrounds

There are many applications for colored synthetic grass. Typically, daycare centers use different colors of synthetic grass to attract children. Different colored turf is perfect for an array of applications. Kids love playgrounds, racetracks, hopscotch, and mini tennis courts. Synthetic turf allows daycare owners to choose from a wide variety of color options. Artificial turf in playgrounds is also prevalent practice in Austin to help sustain the harsh environmental fluctuations and perform well for traffic and external factors.

Multi-Use Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass has an excellent reputation in urban associations, clubs, schools, and government agencies due to its optimal lifespan. The height of an artificial lawn ranges from about 1 inch to 2 inches. It offers excellent non-slip and rebound features.

Putting Greens and Playgrounds

Synthetic turf provides a built-in playing surface for durability and performance. In Austin, the governing bodies of major professional sports such as FIFA (International Federation of Association Football), IRB (international Rugby Board), and FIH (International Hockey Federation) use and approve synthetic turf as a place of choice. Artificial turf is entirely safe and practical for playgrounds and more compatible and harmonizes with playground needs that natural grass cannot meet. Synthetic turf for golf gives you the consistent performance you need to practice shocks and improve your hitting.

Pet Areas and Dog Runs

If you have a pet, you owe it to them to have a place in your property where they can have fun and play – but running a grassy pet area for your dog to run and play is not always easy. With fake grass, this is not a problem. The surfaces of the artificial grass do not stain or change color even after extensive use!

No Mud Puddles

Most pool owners are familiar with simple tricks like goose dives or cannonballs. When pool owners perform these movements correctly, a lot of water will flow out of the pool, causing puddles to develop, which can be problematic if there is actual grass around the pool. These pits not only damage the grass but also lead to the formation of soil puddles. Tracking mud from your pool to your home is a very annoying experience. If you are tired of cleaning the mud-ridden walkways and the interior of your home, it is time to find an effective solution to this problem. One of the best ways to say goodbye to this problem for good is to invest in artificial turf. This sludge reduction will not only help keep your home clean but also keep your pool cleaner.

On the Rooftop

Artificial grass on a rooftop can play an essential factor in enhancing the beauty of the property. Natural grass can also look beautiful on the roof, but it isn’t easy to mow or maintain because of the location. Artificial grass requires very little maintenance but looks great all year round, which is an addition to any terrace. Apart from planting artificial grass in the garden or the soil, very little preparatory work is required to set up the roof. If there is no danger of wind or grass moving, the installation will be simple. If the wind is strong, the grass will need protection against it. We found that if you put furniture on top of artificial grass in general, it will not move. The pots of the plant are also large enough to press the grass in the sheltered area.

Reasons to Invest in Synthetic Grass

Suppose you want to apply synthetic grass to your home or business, congratulations! The lovely, realistic, and durable properties of artificial grass are exceptional and make your property look flawless. But looks are not everything. Here are five other reasons why artificial grass is such a valuable investment!

No Need for Water

Usually, a real lawn needs to be watered late in the morning and evening, but artificial grass does not always need water. The only time an artificial lawn needs water is when it is time to clean it up. When cleaning, you should splash the blade with a bit of water to get rid of the dirt. With this, you will reap the benefit of a reduced water bill!

Compliance with State Water Use Limits

In areas where drought conditions are prevalent, installing artificial turf eliminates the need for irrigation and reduces the water used to maintain the lawn. The average size lawn is 800 square feet. The size of the lawn takes 150,000 gallons of water per year to stay green and vibrant. Since homeowners’ associations require residents to take good care of their lawns at all times, the installation of artificial turf allows an individual to comply with the state’s mandatory water use restriction law in addition to HOA guidelines. Completing both is a plus and eliminates unnecessary fees and costs associated with the breach.

Versatile and Environment-Friendly

Artificial grass is versatile enough to meet any purpose or need for residential or commercial property, landscape, playground, or pet turf. The artificial grass is non-toxic and eco-friendly, which makes it the perfect choice to install. Artificial grass is an ideal choice for any location and can be customized entirely according to your installation needs.


Artificial grass is profoundly durable, stronger than real grass. It can withstand wear and tear, adapts to the weather, does not dry out, does not stagnate water, and does not carry insects.

Clean and Non-Allergenic

Synthetic grass is a safe and allergy-free landscape alternative to traditional grass. Your family and friends can enjoy your lawn forever without the hay fever, sneezing, and watery eyes that come with grass pollen. Unlike concrete or natural grass, artificial grass has a drainage system that prevents water and soil from rain, pool water, or spills.

Consistent Greenery

Synthetic grass comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit all types of installations. With occasional rinses and groomers, the product you choose to install will always be the same color and size as the time you installed. Unlike natural grass, turf fibers are erect and require much activity to smash the turf blades.

Low Maintenance and Money-Saving

Investing in the installation of artificial turf is a project that will pay you back in the long run by saving the money that you may have invested for maintaining the real grass instead. It does not need fertilizers, chemicals, or water to stay healthy. Depending on the use, the turf may require watering or spraying of organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic fresheners for the pet turf. There will be a dramatic decline in the time, energy, and money spent on maintaining real grass lawns versus replacing it with artificial turf. Lawn size determines how much gasoline and oil are needed to trim a real grass lawn. For a larger lawn, most homeowners invest in a lawn or garden tractor with a spacious deck. Smaller lawns use less gas and oil but pushing a law mower takes longer than using a tractor.

Added Property Value

Whether you have installed artificial grass in your residential or commercial property, artificial grass enhances the attraction and aesthetics of your lawn. Completely lush greenery rather than low maintenance requirements will make your property irresistible to potential buyers and tenants. Due to the lack of actual cost and money required for maintenance, artificial grass installation increases the property’s overall value. If you want to sell your home, applying artificial turf can increase the selling price and the property’s value, especially if you choose to refinance. Although artificial turf has been around for many years, its value to the property is significant and grows year after year.


Artificial grass is economical in many ways. Not only is the actual cost of turf divided by how many years the lawn lasts, but the cost of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides is also low. Due to severe dry conditions or high foot traffic patterns, property owners must replace parts of the natural grass meadows over time. Replanting can be expensive, especially if it needs it becomes a regular task.

No Fertilizers and Pesticides

Unlike real grass, artificial lawns look green and fresh without any chemical aids. And since the material does not provide food or habitat for insects, rot problems are virtually eliminated. The reduction of pesticides and fertilizers is also good for the environment. Additionally, it will save you more money.

Never Deal with Weeds

Weeds are one of the biggest problems with natural lawns. Many types of weeds enter the natural lawn; control is a complete task. It takes a lot of time and money, but weeds are not a problem with artificial lawns. You will need to take them out occasionally, but they are infrequent when you have an artificial lawn.

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