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17 million square feet of artificial grass recycled and counting!
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Artificial Grass Recyclers is an innovative company producing the most affordable artificial grass in America.

In effort to bring you more affordable artificial grass products while keeping waste out of landfills, we created an innovative recycling process. Today, we’re responsible for recycling over 17 million square feet of artificial grass, and we’re just getting started.

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Richmond, Virginia

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The metropolitan area of Richmond, VA is home to more than one million residents. This bustling city, the capital of Virginia, is very rich in culture, the arts, and history – due to the civil war museums and educational spots. It is also a popular place for the placement of Fortune 500 companies. Companies such as Genworth Financial, McKesson Medical-Surgical, Dominion Resources, Amazon, Honeywell, and Carmax are just a couple of the big companies that call Richmond, VA their home. It’s location on the James River makes it a prime spot for trade and commerce.

Besides offering employment to the residents of Richmond, these companies also receive national and international visitors and must maintain a welcoming presence. Since the outside of the building is what is first seen by potential clients or colleagues, the companies work to make it presentable and eye-catching.

To get started, here are a few tips and ideas to make your business stand out from the crowd:

  • Create a plan for your landscaping. You cannot have a well put-together lawn without planning it out. Talk to people, check out samples, and find some ideas that you like and that meet your desires. Having a plan helps maintain the flow of the property. Consulting a landscaping company can help you determine what type of plants/trees will work best and discuss the layout (some require more room to grow than others).
  • Make your entrance pop. Everyone who visits your office must come through the entrance. This will set the tone for your company before your clients even enter the building. The key here is to not overdo it. You want to maintain a professional look. Using lots of greenery with one type of flower or plant with color will give just the touch you need. Keep in mind your climate and the type of plants and flowers that will mature well.
  • Add a space for fresh air. Create an area on your property for your employees to get some outside air. Use benches or stone seating with shade. Segregate the area with a natural border of bushes, trees, or plants. Not only will your employees appreciate having a spot to take a break, but it will add to your landscaping and even reflect a more compassionate side of the company. This is a win-win!
  • Keeping a lawn green is challenging work. It requires hours of time mowing, watering, fertilizing, etc. Unfortunately, if you don’t take the time to do this, the lack of attention will wreak havoc on your lawn. Let’s face it – brown grass doesn’t set a very good example. You would not want a less-than-par employee representing your company, so why would you want less-than-par grass to be the first presentation to clients? Consider switching to artificial turf. This artificial grass feels and looks real – and it is always green. The best part is that it requires no maintenance! Your property will always be a flowing sea of green when your clients arrive.
  • Direct your clients with pathways and walkways. If you decide to use regular sidewalk, you will want to decorate the walk. Make some visual statements.
  • Don’t try to overdo every area. Decide which areas will see the most traffic – physically and visually – and start with those areas. Having too much landscape is as bad as having none at all!
“I have always been a DIY type of guy, so doing it by myself was the only way to go. Jake walked me through the step by step process and gave me the best overall advice … Now my yard looks absolutely amazing and I never have to worry about mowing again!” – Tyler

Artificial Grass In Richmond, Virginia

Clients or associates that come into Richmond, VA can always spend time checking out the museums and monuments, such as the American Civil War Center, the Museum of the Confederacy, the Old Dominion Railway museum. Or, perhaps listening to the Richmond Symphony or taking in some of the rich architecture this city has to offer. However, if landscaped with excellence, your company will still stand out above all.

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