The natural grass installed at the $1.2 billion stadium is failing for the second year in a row.

The instability of the sod hasn’t just become a hazard for players though, it’s also become a financial problem for the organization. The turf has been replaced time and time again, which is a costly process that not only requires time and money, but water as well, which is more expensive than usual due to the drought. It’s also an inconvenience for the players, as the team isn’t able to practice on their own field.

“Last year, the team ended up tearing out the field and completely replacing it twice before the season even started and it looks like that’s what’s going to happen again … The field will then be replaced as needed during the season. The field will also be replaced before Levi’s Stadium hosts Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7. If the grass thing isn’t figured out by February though, we could see an interesting second half in the Super Bowl if the sod gets torn up during the halftime show.”

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