For some professionals in California, the drought is taking a major financial toll. In addition to being required to use water to meet certain health codes, some professionals are being fined for using too much of it as they go about their business. This puts business owners in a particularly difficult position, as they must meet certain requirement while also cutting back.

“CLOVIS, Calif.—Cities under pressure from California for failing to slash water consumption enough during the prolonged drought are cracking down on residents. That’s prompting an outcry in places such as this Fresno suburb, where officials handed out more than $500,000 in fines this summer for violations including lawn watering. Tim Adams said he is unhappy about the $25 fine he got last month for failing to reduce water usage enough at his barbershop, and he worries about future fines. “I legally have to wash my hands and utensils between customers,” he said.”

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