You can create a greener home and lifestyle by reducing your carbon footprint at home. It doesn’t have to require major changes to the way you live – Get started with these five easy ways to recycle items around the house.

Living a greener lifestyle and reducing your carbon footprint on the planet can start with just a few small changes around your house.

Simple things, like using cloth napkins instead of paper and turning off water while shaving, add up to a lot of savings for both you and the planet. Finding alternative uses for household items and recycling them into second or even third uses are practical ways to reduce the amount of waste your home produces and helps sustain our natural resources.

Try some of these ideas for recycling around the house.

1. Glass Jar Recycling

Save the glass jars that pickles, salsa, pasta sauces and other foods come in and recycle them into storage containers. Use the clean jars to store sewing, craft supplies and other small items. Super-glue jar lids to the underside of shelf, then screw the jars into the lids to free-up even more storage space.

2. Re-Purpose a Chest of Drawers

If you’re more of the creative type, you can re-purpose an old piece of furniture as something new.

An old chest of drawers can be re-painted and have the hardware changed and be perfect for any room in the home. The entryway, craft room, family room or bathroom can always use more storage space.

There are a ton of creative ideas available on Pinterest and Instagram – take a look if this sparks your interest.

3. Baby Wipe Containers

Empty baby wipe containers are great for a multitude of uses around the house.

Use in the kitchen to hold pot scrubbers, sponges and cents-off coupons. Use them to store small travel toys for kids to play with in the car. Fill one with sunscreen products and hair scrunchies to keep in your beach bag.

Recycle the containers to hold coins, screws, rubber bands or any other small objects around the house.

4. Compost and Mulch

Save all kitchen scraps (except meat) for the compost pile, including old newspaper. These materials break down and provide a beneficial foundation on which your garden can thrive.

When replacing artificial grass, recycle the old turf by placing it between garden rows to prevent weed growth and retain soil moisture.

If you hope to combine both artificial grass and a water-wise garden, you can re-purpose a lot of material around the house as compost. This allows you to enjoy the savings artificial grass offers without giving up your green thumb.

5. Paper Towel Tubes

Place empty paper towel tubes inside boots during the summer months of storage to keep the boots upright. Store long-bladed knives inside a paper towel tube to protect you and the drawer from the sharp blade.


There are plenty of ways to recycle items around the house, but these five tips make it easy to get started.

How else are you recycling or re-purposing material around your house?