Need turf for batting cages?

You’re probably familiar with artificial turf, as its widely used as surface cover for many sports. What you may not know about artificial turf is it’s sometimes recycled and made available to other facilities once its removed from a field. And it’s often used as turf for batting cages.

This solution can keep the cost of artificial turf for batting cages down while also keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills.

You will find this type of turf on soccer fields, football fields, and paintball arenas to name just a few. These venues often have funding available to afford new artificial grass. For facilities interested in finding the cheapest artificial grass, recycled artificial grass is the best option. Although there’s a dramatic reduction of price, recycled artificial grass still delivers the same benefits as new artificial grass.

Let’s take a closer look.

Turf for Batting Cages Offers the Same Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of artificial sports turf is the low-maintenance nature of the product – turf doesn’t need water to stay green, it doesn’t need fertilizer to keep growing, and it doesn’t need mowing to stay trim for optimal length.

Less maintenance

Maintaining natural grass takes a lot of resources, including either time, money, or both. Avoiding this expense can help facilities managers focus on what matters to their business, like equipment maintaining and driving sales.

Uniform surface

With maintenance out of the way, you don’t have to worry about consistency throughout your facility. Those using the batting cages, whether they’re team members or customers, will never be distracted by imperfections in the turf while they try to practice. This can improve the reputation of your facility and potentially attract more people in the future as word-of-mouth spreads.

Environmentally friendly

Experts say that one square foot of fake grass can actually save about 66 gallons of water every year. If you’re operating in an arid area facing strict water restrictions in light of the ongoing drought, this can help prevent expensive fines.

And as mentioned, recycling sports turf keeps unnecessary waste out of the landfill.


Why should you install artificial turf for batting cages?

It will save you money.

New artificial grass is going to be more expensive, so getting it recycled saves money. Real grass requires maintenance that artificial does not, so artificial grass saves you money. More importantly, recycled artificial grass can help save the environment.

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