Things which we consider to be useless may have great value for use outdoors in the garden or landscape. For example, an old aluminum pie pan is perfect for cradling a developing cantaloupe and protecting it from pests and old pieces of artificial grass can be used to create garden pathways that will prevent weed growth and retain soil moisture.
Almost anything can be re-purposed and given a second life outdoors and you may want to try some of these recycling ideas in your home garden.

Old Garden Hose Uses

Cut a 2 foot long piece of hose and lay it out like an ‘S’ in your garden so that it will look like a snake and keep birds away.
Create cushioned handles for garden tools by cutting lengths of hose slightly shorter than the tool handles. Slip the garden hose pieces over each handle for a custom cushioned grip.
After planting a tree, use a length of garden hose to tie it to a support stake. The flexible hose will give when the wind blows and won’t cut into the tree’s tender trunk while holding it upright.

Garden Plant Supports

Old curtain rods make great supports for tomato plants. So do bamboo poles, old fence posts and old lumber cut into 1×1 strips.
An old metal box spring can be re-purposed as a plant support system in the garden. Use metal stakes to hold it upright and train cucumber, peas or bean vines to grow up it. Lay box spring on top of the soil to provide a place for melons and pumpkins to grow off the soil.
Pruned tree branches also make good plant stakes and old chicken wire can be used to create tomato cages.

Garden Mulch

Shredded newspaper provides organic mulch to garden plants. Coffee grounds, egg shells, nut hulls and grass clipping are items most people toss out, but these items will improve soil structure, feed plants, retain soil moisture and prevent weed growth when used as garden mulch.
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