Artificial Grass Recyclers prides itself in Recycling 97% on all materials leaving the job site. Synthetic Turf is made of a non-biodegradable that would other wise plug local landfill sites. Rest assure when your turf is ready for removal, AGR will find sustainable alternatives that will impact the community around you. AGR is the easiest, most economical and eco–friendly solution. We will remove your turf with professionalism and precision.


AGR is proud to announce that they have acquired a Infill Extraction and reclamation machine.  The new product will allow all infilled turf to be extracted up to 99%, works on sand and rubber products.  This proven machine will be able to bag infill up to 2000 lbs each.

Services available in California, Arizona, Nevada and parts of Oregon.
Feel free to contact us at (855) 409-4AGR (4247)  for a bid request.