Interested in artificial turf sports fields as a solution for your soccer field?

It’s difficult for aspiring soccer professionals to work toward their dream due to limited or no access to maintained soccer fields. For low-income areas unable to pay for access to state parks, communities interested in the game have resorted to playing on fields that aren’t being maintained due to water costs and restrictions.

Artificial Turf Sports Fields

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Not having access to soccer fields in the Northeast Los Angeles area for Anahuak Youth Soccer Assn. is a problem, but there can be a solution to this: Reconstruct the dirt soccer fields they have at Rio de Los Angeles State Park and make them artificial grass and to give Anahuak the access to all the fields for the young teens. Anahuak should be the main ones playing at that park due to the years that they have playing at that park and all the teen activity there is.

Recycled artificial turf is the most affordable solution out there, as it doesn’t require water and lasts for years.

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