As we move forward into the new year, we wanted to highlight a few landscaping trends we noticed gaining momentum among residential properties throughout 2015. As the need for affordable drought-tolerant landscaping continues to grow, we expect the following list of trends to boom in 2016.

Landscaping Trends to Watch In 2016

Many lawns will be replaced, perhaps with plastic grass. Planting more trees, ripping out lawns, growing more fruit and vegetables and generally finding an easier, less time-consuming way to have a garden — these are just a few of the top trends expected to shape our passion for gardening in 2016 . . . The prospect of another hot, dry summer with more water-restrictions is making many gardeners rethink the kinds of plants they will buy this spring. The emphasis will be on drought-tolerance and sturdy, easy-care cultivars that can withstand a prolonged heat wave and thrive with barely a sip of water.

Landscaping trends of 2016

If you own property, whether residential or commercial, you may want to take advantage of the rebates available to those replacing natural lawn with a drought-tolerant solution, like artificial grass and native plants.