Homeowners are taking taking advantage of water fill stations, which provide recycled waste water for outdoor use in effort to combat the drought. The water is limited both in how it can be used as well as how much you can claim.

“They live on a half-acre with citrus, plum, fig, oak and walnut trees, which are looking stressed because they are getting watered only once a month now.”

Thanks to the fill stations, residents of Yucaipa can now fill up to 300 gallons of water per visit, which provides them the water needed to keep their property healthy.

“This is just one more way the customers can start turning off all their outdoor irrigation,” General Manager Joe Zoba said.

The program will help the district make use of millions of gallons of surplus treated wastewater now discharged downstream, and may push the utility closer to its state-mandated conservation goals, he said.”

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