Scientists don’t expect the drought throughout the Southwest to go away anytime soon, so it’s up to residents to take action and conserve water when possible. Whether you’re able to cut back on your shower time or replace your lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping, it’s important to do what you can to save water during the drought.

What’s the big deal?

The drought in the Horn of Africa back around 1984-1985 resulted in a famine, which killed 750,000 people. The US drought of 1988 cost the nation over $40 billion. And, of course, there’s the stark possibility that the water supply will actually run out entirely.

It doesn’t take much to pitch in – a little conservation goes a lot

Let’s take a look.

Three Ways to Save Water During the Drought

  • Food: Think about the food that you eat. Did you know that one almond uses approximately 1.1 gallons of water? California is one of the top producers of almonds. If people turned to other, less water consuming foods, it could help with the issues surrounding the drought. Some experts suggest that you should turn to a plant-based diet because meat and animal products require more water. You also have to look at the recipes that you use. Try to start implementing recipes that use less water. This is a small change, but you have to start somewhere.
  • Grass: Your lawn can also impact how much water you use. Many California homeowners are turning to artificial grass. This is a great drought solution because once it is installed it requires no water. It will still look great no matter what, and it does not require maintenance. Not only can you reduce how much water you use, but you can also say goodbye to mowing, weeding and fertilizing your lawn. It is estimated that one square foot of synthetic grass can help to save about 66 gallons of water a year.
  • Routines: Finally, you have to consider your routine. Take shorter showers. Do not keep your water running while you are doing dishes or brushing your teeth. Buy efficient dish washers and washers to help cut back on water usage. Water your lawn less. Forgo filling up your pool this year. Skip washing your car every once in a while.

Some people may feel that partaking in these drought solutions at home will not help with the drought, but if everyone works together the water usage can be cut back drastically. Do what you can to use less water. Eat smart, install artificial grass and change your routine.

Image courtesy of US Drought Monitor