Though we share a lot of advice about recycling and re-purposing materials, we thought we’d share a few tips on saving water in the yard today in light of World Water Day.

If you’re living in an arid area, you know this is an important issue as it can have a big impact on your monthly budget. If you’re watering your lawn every other day, for example, you’re probably spending way more money on irrigation than you need to be.

But what about your landscaping?

You have to keep it looking nice if you hope to maintain beautiful curb appeal, right?

Not necessarily.

Some landscaping solutions provide a low-maintenance, low-water alternative. We happen to provide recycled artificial grass, which provides the same lush green lawn you may prefer about natural grass. Others provide hardscaping solutions, including stone, rock, and other material. We believe you can create a great landscape using a combination of several suface solutions, including artificial grass, native succulent plants, and stone features.

Take a look at this slideshow from Southern Living to learn more about lawn alternatives.