Sports turf, replacing artificial grass, and decor – Here’s what’s new with artificial grass this week.

When Do You Need to Replace Artificial Grass?

Even though our artificial grass lasts 20-25 years, it still needs to be replaced. Take a look at this article to learn how to tell when your artificial grass needs replacing.

5 Creative Ways You Can Use Synthetic Grass Around Your Home

Take a look at this article for creative ways to decorate your house with artificial grass. Whether you add accents of decor around your home or install an entire indoor putting green is up to you.

Does Artificial Grass Make Sense for Your Home?

Artificial grass may not be the best landscaping material for your property. Find out if artificial grass makes sense for you and your house.

5 Ways Artificial Sports Turf Is Changing Soccer

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to artificial sports turf, so we thought we’d share some information about how it’s changing the game for the better.