What do you think of when you think of artificial grass?

Chances are that there are a few pictures running through your head. Today, artificial grass is used in a lot of different situations in which it has custom design effects put on it.

1. Sports Fields Last Longer with Artificial Grass

Whether you are playing soccer, football, lacrosse, or field hockey, artificial grass is a huge benefit.

First of all, it cuts down on maintenance. Second of all, it can be custom designed for the space of the field and the needs of the sport. When it rains, parents will not have to be anxious about their kids slipping due to mud.

Turf also looks good no matter what the temperature is outside.

If you want something that looks good, can be custom designed for any sport and requires almost not maintenance, you have to look into artificial grass.

2. Putting Green

More and more, golf course designers are turning to turf to solve their issues.

Golf courses are often viewed as these beautiful works of art. Artificial grass helps putting greens look clean, healthy, and professional.

3. Crossfit

Crossfit is a fitness program that sometimes requires that certain exercises be done on grass.

By using turf, these exercises will be able to be done all year round. The turf can even be inside!

4. Residential Landscaping

Not only can recycled turf be custom fit for many different sports, but it can also be designed for residential landscaping.

Whether you need an area for your pet, or you want your entire yard to be turf, the professionals can help you get the yard of your dreams!

5. Commercial Landscaping

Artificial grass can also be custom designed for commercial settings. If you own your own business, you already have to spend a lot of time there. Cut back on commercial lawn maintenance by putting in turf.

Artificial turf has a lot of uses. If you need grass that is custom fit for your needs, consider getting artificial grass.