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Affordable Used Artificial Grass Starting As Low As 50¢

Per Square Foot

usedartificalgrassHave you ever considered the idea of using used artificial grass to design the perfect carefree landscape?

Incorporating used synthetic grass into landscape plans has a lot more benefits than you might realize. By choosing to use fake grass instead of real grass, you will be able to save a lot of money in lawn maintenance.  There is now a way that you can get great looking money saving synthetic turf at a fraction of the cost of brand new materials.

Used field turf is a great solution for those who want to reap the benefits of a synthetic grass lawn.

The Value of Using Used Artificial Grass Your Landscape Design

Most people have no idea that it is possible to buy used turf or how to find used turf for sale. Luckily this is now possible because of a company called Artificial Grass Recyclers. This company is saving our environment by recycling artificial turf. This process helps the environment by keeping the non-biodegradable material out of the landfills. In addition, it gives local communities an opportunity to be water wise by offering used synthetic turf at a cost almost everyone can afford. This artificial grass recycling program is helping to give price conscious consumers the ability to use used field turf in their landscape design.

Save Money With Used Artificial Grass

Repurposing this material is a great way to save money that would otherwiseused artificial grass in front lawn be used to maintain a real grass lawn. Artificial turf is a money saving alternative because it does not require, water, fertilizer, weed killer, bug killer, a gardener, a lawn mower, edger, or your precious time. It is maintenance free! All the hassles of real grass can be eliminated. By installing used sports turf, it will give you more time and money to spend on the things that you enjoy.

If people had a choice, many would choose to use artificial turf instead of real grass, but most think that it is out of their price range.  This is because brand new artificial grass can be pricey. In some cases, the high price tag of new synthetic turf does not make sense.  When a consumer calculates the cost difference and how many years it’s going to take to break even, the numbers don’t make sense.

Used Artificial Grass around pool

However, this is the great thing about used artificial grass. The numbers do make sense! When consumers realize that they can buy used sports turf for pennies on the dollar, the dream of owning a maintenance free lawn is a reality. It helps the environment and lowers the monthly water bill too!




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