Indoor Baseball

Indoor Baseball Batting Cage Turf For Facilities

There is a new trend in the Baseball community. Many indoor baseball practice facilities are installing batting cage turf. One of the main reasons that they are choosing artificial grass is that turf is very durable, has a nice look, and it offers all of the benefits of real grass without all the hassles of maintenance. It also does not require any water or cutting and helps our environment. Also, unlike real grass, artificial turf can be played on as much as needed. It can be used everyday and can be used in the off season for other sports.

Indoor turf is a great option for areas of the country that have extreme weather conditions that make it difficult to play baseball outdoors all year round. With a turfed indoor baseball field or a batting cage facility, baseball can be played indoors all year long.

Artificial grass really adds a good look to an indoor baseball hitting and practice facility. Many times these facilities are all concrete and have an industrial look. Something as simple as adding Batting Cage Turf can make all the difference in the world and give a place a whole new look.

Sometimes new artificial grass can get expensive for these types of projects because the areas are big and require a lot of turf. Used artificial turf is a good soulution to this problem. All most all used turf comes from sports fields, most commonly, football fields and soccer fields. Used field turf is usually still in good shape and has a lot more years of life. This makes it a great material for indoor batting cages for baseball.

Indoor and Outdoor Batting Cage Turf