Used Artificial Turf Is Now Available In Sacramento California

Artificial Grass Recyclers Opens A New Store In Sacramento That Sells New And Used Artificial Turf

Sacramento has been suffering the most during this California drought. Residents and businesses in this area are restricted how much water they can use to water their landscape. This has caused a big problem for homeowners and business owners that want to have a lush green well maintained landscape. It is impossible to maintain a green lawn when water restrictions only allowNew and Used Turf Is Available In Sacramento CA
one day a week of landscape watering. Artificial turf is a solution to this problem. AGR opened  an artificial grass store in this area to help have turf available for those who are looking for a water saving solution and a green lawn. The benefits of artificial turf out weighs the cost. Synthetic grass does not require any water, fertilizer, weed control pesticides, re-seeding, or mowing. It is virtually maintenance free.

Cheap Used Turf At Discount Prices

In the past, the cost of artificial grass may have been an issue for those that were interested in installing it. AGR is a eco- friendly company that is dedicated in helping communities and our environment. AGR is a recycler of used field turf. Almost all of the used sports turf that is removed from profession, college and high school football fields and soccer fields is still in good conditions. This used turf is a perfect solution for the consumer that wants the benefits of synthetic turf, but is on a tight budget. The field turf is carefully removed for the sports field and rolled. Depending on the turf, it can have the infill still intact or it could have been removed.

AGR is excited to have a turf location in the Sacramento area. If you are interested in finding out more about the turf that is available you can call 855-409-4247.

AGR Used Turf