Ever wonder where to put houseplants throughout your home?

It doesn’t seem like it would be something to give much thought, but plants often have different needs. For example, some plants thrive in sunlight while others prefer ambient light. This means you need to place low sunlight plants away from windows.

So, Where to Put Houseplants?

You need to also remember that light quality is not always constant. At one time, with the sun, the room has bright light. At night, when you have the lights on, you might believe it’s the same light, but it’s not as bright as sunlight. Further, summertime in one room is not the same king of light as winter sunlight.

Take a look at this quick article to learn more about where to put houseplants in your home, and let us know which room / plant combinations you’re planning.

Plants can provide the inside of your home a refreshing splash of green and even filter the quality of the air inside your home.

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