This might surprise you, but artificial grass is eco-friendly.

Maintaining a lush lawn isn’t easy for property owners in arid areas – especially those in Florida.

The idea of a lush green lawn stimulates warmth and home for many of us, often along the same lines of a picket white fence. One of the many benefits of artificial grass offers is a low to no maintenance alternative that looks great all year while conserving water.

Is Artificial Grass Eco-Friendly?

We hear this question a lot, because it doesn’t seem like it would be compared to a natural lawn.

However, just consider the impact lawn mowers, trimmers, and herbicides have on the environment. Gas powered machines pollute the air and chemicals pollute our water … not to mention, pose a serious danger to our children and pets.

Artificial grass doesn’t require gas-powered machinery or dangerous chemicals, and it can be recycled and re-purposed in a way that keeps it out of landfills.

Traditionally, the way to keep the grass green in Florida has been dousing it with bug-killing, mold-thwarting chemicals—not a very good solution for the eco-consious, especially those with pets or children. Now there’s another way for home owners that want a perfect lawn—artificial turf.

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