Many, but not all, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) ban artificial grass.

In places like California, this is a silly ban. Artificial grass can help with drought solutions that California is in desperate need of. In order to understand why HOAs should remove this ban, you also have to understand why the ban is in place.

Artificial Grass of Days Past

When artificial grass first started being produced, it was unattractive. You could easily tell the difference between fake grass and real grass. The purpose of an HOA is to help keep the neighborhood looking good. Many HOAs have bans on certain types of trees, house colors and things like that to keep the neighborhood looking upscale.

It makes sense than that they would have banned artificial grass back when it was obvious that it was artificial. Artificial grass used to be hard, but now it is as lush looking and feeling as real grass.

Artificial Grass of Today

Today, artificial grass is made to look better and feel better. Not only that, but there are companies out there that actually recycle fake grass, which means it is better for the environment in more than one way. HOAs should remove the ban on artificial grass because:

  • It no longer looks bad.
  • It can save a tremendous amount of water.
  • It requires less maintenance, and therefore saves on time and money.

Artificial grass is no longer the ugly cousin, and HOAs should stop banning it when it can clearly be a benefit to drought stricken areas.

Finding Artificial Grass

If you are in a neighborhood that allows artificial grass, you want to make sure to go through a company that can offer you an extremely high quality artificial grass. You should not have to give up a good looking yard when you put in fake grass. Embrace the change and start doing what you can to reduce your water use by getting artificial grass installed by professionals.