“Artificial Grass Recyclers Provides Used Artificial Turf At Affordable Prices For A Waterless Landscaping Solution!”

Saves Water

Did You Know?

1 Sq Foot of Artificial Turf Can Save 66 Gallons of Water A Year

Cost Effective

It Saves Time And Money

Artificial Grass Requires No Maintenance

Looks Like Real Grass

Looks Great!

Looks So Realistic That You Have To Touch It To See If It Is Real

Easy To Install

Installing Artificial Grass Is Easier Than You Think!

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Where Does Used Turf Come From?

Recycled sports turf is existing turf that is carefully removed from professional, college, and high school athletic sports fields. It is then available for many different types of landscape applications!

  • No Water Required

  • No Maintenance Required

  • Eco-friendly water-less solution

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More Ways Than Ever To Use Artificial Grass!

The possibilities for the use of synthetic turf are endless and the benefits are numerous.

Artificial Grass Recyclers #1 Nationwide Provider Of Recycled Sports Turf

AGR has multiple fulfillment locations that are strategically located, across the country, each of which are stocked with affordable recycled turf. 

About Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial Grass Recyclers is helping to change the landscaping industry and our environment. AGR is doing this by recycling used artificial turf. This has all come about because the professional teams, colleges, and high schools are starting to upgrade their sports fields all over the country, this has resulted in a lot of used turf. This used sports turf is still in good condition. The used field turf can be repurposed for all different kinds of projects.

The used synthetic turf is carefully removed, sometimes from very popular football stadiums, and taken to our nearest turf facilitator. Many times the turf is being removed even though it still seems like it is in perfectly good condition. The good news is that this makes used turf available for other landscaping projects. For instance, it can be available for businesses, residents, landscapers and even for sports fields in local communities.

Most people don’t know that used turf is an option or that it is even available. The benefit of used artificial grass is that it can help with projects that want to use fake grass, but it’s not in the budget. This is a solution for those landscape projects that are on a tight budget.

AGR is dedicated to providing an affordable sustainable waterless landscape solution while repurposing artificial turf for the betterment of our envirnoment.
AGR believes in giving back and trying to make our world a better place through doing all you can do to help make positive environmental gains that benefit everyone.
AGR promise do everything possible to recycle every inch of used sports turf to give more opportunity for artificial turf to be used as a sustainable landscaping solution.

AGR Has Recycled Over 9 Million Sq Feet Of Synthetic Turf!

Over 9 Million Sq Feet Of Synthetic Turf Recycled
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