Installing an artificial grass landscaping provides benefits for both residential and commercial property. From cutting costs to aesthetic superiority, synthetic turf is a popular choice. Take a look at the following five reasons to choose artificial grass over natural grass:

1. It Doesn’t Require Water

artificial grass landscaping doesn't need water

Artificial grass landscaping doesn’t require water like natural grass landscaping.

With many communities restricting water available for landscape use, artificial turf may be the only way to have a green lawn in the heat of summer. Utility bills will inevitable fall with the installation of an artificial lawn.

2. Artificial Grass Landscaping Is Weed-Free

A Man showing dirty hands after gardening work

A Man showing dirty hands after gardening work

Who doesn’t want a perfectly weed free lawn? Since there is no soil exposure, there are never any weeds in artificial grass! Weekends can be reserved for family, friends and fun when lawn maintenance is a task of the past.

3. Chemical-Free

Chemical free artificial grass

Artificial grass doesn’t need fertilizer.

The financial and environmental cost of fertilizing a traditional lawn is gone when you choose synthetic sod. No chemicals are required for a beautiful landscape. This applies to weed killers and pesticides, as well. With artificial grass, you can be assured that your lawn a safe, chemical-free place for kids and pets to play.

4. The Grass Is Green All Year

Artificial grass stays green all year - Artificial Grass Recyclers

Artificial grass stays green all year.

According to Ted Steinberg, author of “American Green: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn,” Americans spend 40 billion dollars annually in search of that perfectly green, manicured lawn. With artificial grass, your lawn will look perfect all year long, with little to no effort and no added cost!

5. Tough Enough for Tough Sports

Artificial grass landscaping is durable

Artificial turf can handle rough sports.

While some thumb their nose at artificial turf for sports fields, newer technologies and processes have made this product superior to standard grass in many cases. A uniform playing surface and little maintenance, mean artificial grass provides the perfect environment for practice as well as play. Sports leagues from the NFL to many European soccer associations use artificial grass on their fields and in their stadiums.

Consumers are increasingly choosing synthetic turf for home, commercial and recreational applications. Aesthetics, maintenance and other factors drive the decision to install artificial grass. Sports enthusiasts and homeowners agree this sod is superior.