Recycled Artificial Grass

Recycled artificial grass has been adopted by commercial and residential property owners interested in maintaining the value of their property, reducing the time and cost of weekly maintenance required to uphold mandated aesthetics, and cutting water usage.

Where does recycled artificial grass come from?

There’s an estimated 31,000 U.S. sports fields that need turf replacement – all of which feature artificial grass. In effort to keep material out of landfills, Artificial Grass Recyclers removes the artificial grass and recycles it for use on commercial and residential property. This promotes the health of the environment and provides property owners an inexpensive opportunity to integrate recycled artificial grass into their property.

Once installed, the recycled artificial grass immediately starts saving you time and money.

Pets, Kids, and Homeowners Love Artificial Grass

Recycled Artificial Grass in front Lawn - Artificial Grass Recyclers

Recycled artificial grass in front lawn.

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic grass, is produced by a number of manufacturers who are at the top of their game when it comes to making a fine quality product.

Recycled artificial grass is incredibly strong and can easily take abuse from walking, running, kids, dogs or playing sports of any kinds. Best of all, this turf doesn’t require water, maintenance, mowing, weeding or reseeding. Consequently, it is the ultimate choice for saving money on water bills and working with water restrictions in drought areas across the country.

In addition, it’s the ideal solution for landscaping around other plants, trees and gardens. The turf can be cut to any size and it never needs edging around plants.

Pets love to run, jump and play on artificial grass. Homeowners enjoy the fact that they can say “goodbye” to yellow and brown patches frequently caused from dog urine.

Artificial grass can have a lifespan up to 10 years. The grass comes in several shades of green, and it doesn’t fade from the sun. Thanks to new installation techniques, companies are able to install lawns and fields that more closely resemble the look of natural grass with more cushion and bounce.

How Recycled Artificial Grass Can Improve Your Property

Recycled Artificial Grass - Artificial Grass Recyclers

Recycled artificial grass is more affordable and keeps saving you money during its lifespan.

Let’s take a closer look at what recycled artificial grass can do to help improve your property and budget.

Because recycled artificial grass is re-purposed, it comes at a much lower price tag than new artificial grass. This makes it more accessible to homeowners interested in cutting back water usage in light of drought or budget restrictions. In the early days, artificial grass was something only those living in expensive gated communities could afford. Thanks to the technological innovation and passion to promote the health of the environment, Artificial Grass Recyclers has made artificial grass available to everyone.

In some states, residents can take advantage of water conservation rebates that actually put money in your pocket for replacing your water-thirsty natural grass with artificial grass. Combined with laws protected homeowners from bans against artificial grass (set by homeowners associations), residents can install recycled artificial grass for a fraction of the cost of new artificial grass and eliminate the need for irrigation.

In addition, recycled artificial grass stays green all year long, which means you can rest assured the value of your property won’t drop due to browning lawn, dead landscaping, or other unappealing issues that impact curb-appeal and overall property value.


If you and your family are looking for a way to cut water usage, save money every month, or promote the environment, recycled artificial grass may be the solution for you. Explore the products available and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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