Looking for an affordable artificial grass removal service?

Artificial Grass Recyclers provides exceptional artificial turf removal, haul away, and recycling, which includes an intense organization of skilled professionals and specialized equipment. So if your soccer field or football field needs to be replaced, consider giving us a call.

We’ve been able to keep over 5 million square feet of artificial turf out of landfills thanks to our recycling process, and with your help we can continue to grow that number.

Recycling not only supports the health of the environment, it also helps homeowners across the nation do their part to conserve water.

Let’s take a closer look at the process of artificial grass removal and recycling.

Artificial Grass Removal for Sports Fields

Artificial Grass Removal - Artificial Grass RecyclersMachinery is used to slice through the artificial turf on a sports field. It is sliced into sections across the field so it can be rolled up into manageable-sized rolls that will be easy to take off the field, cleaned and recycled.

The artificial turf consists of several sub-layers and the machinery used to slice through the top layer of turf for removal is also designed to minimize the disturbance to the sub-layers. The membrane, sand and padding layers are left intact to be re-used under the new layer of artificial turf. The new turf will be installed directly over the original sub-layers, thus saving time, money and environmental impact.

Removing Artificial Grass from Residential Property

The removal of artificial turf from a residential landscape rarely involves the usage of heavy machinery. An average-sized yard can typically be removed with manpower and perhaps only require the need of equipment for loading and unloading purposes.

For residential removal, the old artificial turf will be hand-cut into widths and lengths that can be easily rolled up into manageable-sized rolls. The goal is to not disturb the sub-layers (just like on a sports field) so they can be used as the foundation for the new layer of artificial turf that will be installed.

Cleaned and Recycled

The re-claimed turf will be cleaned (usually through a shaking process) and recycled into various other uses. Roof tops, landscape designs elements and playgrounds are just a few places recycled artificial turf gets a new lease of life.

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