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How to Save Big with Cheap Artificial Turf

Want to update your landscaping in a way that saves you money year after year? Now you can! Find out how to save big with affordable artificial turf. Lawn care and landscaping maintenance is a big investment. It costs money to purchase a mower, invest in fertilization, and the tools necessary to weed and water [...]

6 Eco-Friendly Reasons AGR Recycles Artificial Grass

Artificial grass saves time, money, and water. Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, you know how much time it takes to maintain a healthy installation of natural grass, how much money it cost month after month, and how much water you need to keep your lawn from drying up and turning brown. It's a [...]

The Athletic Advantage of Sports Field Turf

Artificial grass was designed for sports in the early days. Since its beginning, the synthetic surface cover has been adopted not only by sports organizations across the world but also adopted by homeowners, business owners, and organizations interested in reducing waste. What's the big deal anyway? Sure, artificial turf is known to save time, money, [...]

4 Creative Ways to Use Fake Grass In Your Yard this Summer

Looking for a durable, water-wise landscaping solution for your yard this summer? Fake grass has become the go-to landscaping solution that provides a wide range of benefits for a variety of applications. Aren't you tired of the ongoing struggle to keep your yard looking great all year round? Maybe you're looking for a solution to [...]

How to Create A Grand Slam Baseball Training Ground In Your Backyard

Whether you’re a young child just learning how to throw a ball or a veteran baseball lover who tracks stats during games, there’s no denying that baseball is America’s favorite pastime. From playing to watching Little League and school ball to taking in a minor league or MLB game, baseball is one of the touchstones [...]

Help Your Yard Survive the Heat!

One of the best parts of the spring is the chance to start fresh in landscaping your lawn. Whether you plant perennials or annuals, a vegetable garden or butterfly garden, every spring as the chance to plant new blooms or breathe new life into your tired, old lawn. And while fall is the best time [...]

The Amazing Value of Recycled Artificial Grass

A lawn made of artificial grass looks incredible, but there is a way of making it even better. By looking for the best value approach, you can get all the benefits of synthetic turf without spending as much on it as you probably expected to. This is because using recycled artificial turf gives some extra [...]

10 Springtime Flowers to Brighten Up Your Garden

This is a guest post by Brian Rees. Springtime is such a wonderful time of year! The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming giving a beautiful color to your garden. Studies show that being around flowers help people concentrate better and stimulate cognition and mental performance. Additionally, planting flowers can be a fun [...]

Creative Uses for Artificial Turf in RV Parks

  Artificial turf is a surface material made to look like grass. It is lower maintenance than grass, but just as attractive - from a distance, you often can’t even tell the difference between grass and turf. Often made of nylon, polyester, or both, it is long lasting, durable, and convenient and while most people [...]

Installing Artificial Grass On Your Deck

You've seen people using artificial grass to brighten up their yards and revitalize their existing lawns. You like the look of it, but you don't have a whole yard to place artificial grass in. What do you do? If you have a balcony or deck, why not use it there? Here's why you should think [...]