If you are concerned about the cost of buying a large or small quantity of artificial grass for a commercial or residential property, you may be interested in repurposed artificial grass as it uses material from previous installments making it the most affordable option.

There are numerous benefits of having wholesale artificial grass on your property, including:

  • Saving a significant amount of money
  • Having a lawn that is easier to care for
  • Avoiding exposure to natural grass pollen
  • Having an environmentally friendly lawn product

Where Do Companies Source Used Artificial Grass?

Affordable Artificial Grass for Sports and Landscaping - Artificial Grass RecyclersArtificial grass companies providing wholesale products often offer artificial grass removal services. Doing this allows the company to haul the material to their recycling center, where they then sanitize and recycle the material for future installation.

Once this process is complete, the artificial grass is ready for its new installation.

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Repurposed Wholesale Artificial Grass is Sanitized

Professional sport teams will also replace old artificial turf with new material, and there are companies that remove the rolls of artificial grass on a playing field in order to clean it and sell it to new customers. Because the grass is older and was previously used by someone else, it has a lower price, but this product still looks lush, green and beautiful.

Despite being a used product, wholesale artificial grass is in great condition, and a seller cleans and repairs the item to make it safe to use and easy to install.

Save Money with Wholesale Artificial Grass

Repurposed wholesale artificial grass is sourced from outdoor and indoor venues in many geographic locations and will provide the same benefits of a brand-new product. The technicians who collect the used artificial grass inspect the product carefully and only sell high-quality material to customers.

The rolls of wholesale artificial grass are in a uniform size, making it easy for customers to order the amount needed for a business or home.

Most importantly, repurposed wholesale artificial grass is up to 80 percent less expensive than new artificial grass. Because the cost of used artificial grass is much lower, more individuals are able to buy the product for a property’s lawns.

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