If you own a home in an arid area and you want to cut back on your water usage, consider re-evaluating your irrigation costs. If you have a sprinkler system watering a natural grass lawn. there’s a good chance it’s one of the biggest expenses on your water bill.

Cutting back on your water usage is good for your monthly budget, your city, and your state.

One way around this expense is to replace your lawn with artificial grass – and now with recycled artificial grass, it’s more affordable than ever. Take a look at this quick video that illustrates how easy it can be to install artificial grass and start saving.

How to Install Artificial Grass

This quick video demonstrates the process of artificial grass installation.

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10 Steps to Installing Artificial Grass:

  1. Remove existing landscaping
  2. Level base
  3. Lay weed barrier
  4. Cut turf
  5. Lay turf
  6. Secure turf
  7. Paint or cut lines
  8. Spread infill
  9. Brush infill
  10. Enjoy your artificial grass lawn!

Want to Learn More?

Get in touch with Artificial Grass Recyclers for more information about your property. We recycled artificial grass in an effort to keep costs down for you while keeping waste materiel out of land fills.