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6 Smart Commercial Turf Applications

Artificial grass is one of the most adaptable and useful materials out there. It makes any back yard look amazing thanks to its evergreen nature and low maintenance style. Have you thought about using it in commercial landscaping, though? You can put it to good use almost anywhere commercially. Here's why you should consider artificial [...]

Top 5 Materials for Beautiful Outdoor Flooring Designs

Have you thought about updating your flooring yet? It's the most overlooked part of the yard, but it's essentially the backbone of the whole area. The right flooring design can really pull your whole look together, whether it's a clean and simple design or a whimsical garden. It's very simple to create outdoor flooring yourself. Here are [...]

DIY Backyard Playground

Have you ever dreamt about creating the perfect playground for your kids in your back yard? Have you seen the options available to buy and build a DIY playground and thought they were lacking? Then this article is for you. It is totally possible to create a unique DIY playground, right in your back yard. [...]

10 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Area More Eco-Friendly

These tips will help you create a cool, eco-friendly outdoor space. Outdoor living spaces are a good investment. Now is the time to start planning your outdoor space for next year, especially if you plan on putting your home on the market in the spring. A well-planned outdoor space can go a long way towards [...]

10 Ways to Save Water and Maintain A Green Lawn

Want to maintain a green lawn without using too much water? Keeping your lawn green year round can be quite a challenge, especially with the new emphasis on water conservation in many communities. While you know that preserving our natural resources is important, it is also completely normal to desire a beautiful landscape. We put [...]

DIY Landscaping Artificial Grass

If you're landscaping your yard yourself, you can really go wild with it. You can make it as exuberant and colourful as you like, or go for a more muted and relaxing look. Whatever your preference may be, your yard is a blank canvas. As you're making plans for landscaping, have you considered your lawn? [...]

DIY Water-Wise Gardening

Many people look to save water in their homes. There can be various reasons for this, such as saving money on their bills and/or to help protect the environment. When they do this, though, they often forget about their yards. Gardeners sometimes don't know how much water their yard needs. This can lead to needless [...]

Maximize Your Budget by Knowing the Best Ways to Save Money on a Synthetic Lawn

Choosing to replace your natural landscaping with synthetic grass is a smart choice that will provide increased monetary savings over time. Yet, many people have concerns about the initial cost for installation, especially for large fields or sports arenas that require a greater amount of square footage. While it may seem counterintuitive, needing a large [...]

Top 9 Uses for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has been popping up in surprising locations lately as more people begin to realize the benefits of using this drought-resistant surfacing to beautify their landscape. Yet, lawns are not the only place that synthetic turf can be used. In addition to creating a lush, green landscape, you can extend the benefits of using [...]

Time for New Synthetic Turf: What Will Happen to the Old Grass?

No one has to convince you that synthetic grass is an asset to just about any landscape. After enjoying your lawn for the last couple of decades, the turf has saved you untold amounts of time, effort, and money. Now that you are thinking about investing in a new lawn with a different style of [...]