Used Artificial Grass

Landscaping a new home or replacing existing landscaping can be costly. With the high prices of water, water restrictions and drought conditions, keeping landscaping alive has become a major ordeal for some folks. As a result, some homeowners have made the decision to go with desert landscaping. However, there are still a huge number of homeowners that prefer beautiful green lawns. If maintaining a natural lawn has become too time consuming and expensive, you might consider used artificial grass.

Artificial Grass is Growing in Popularity

used artificial grass - artificial grass recyclers

Four samples of used artificial grass.

Synthetic grass first appeared during the 1950’s. At that time, it seemed like an ideal way to provide homeowners with an alternative to natural grass where kids could play and enjoy a backyard. However, the first attempts to produce artificial turf just didn’t hit the mark.

There was definitely an interest for the product. So, manufacturers kept refining their process. Today, they can offer consumers a quality product. Artificial grass now comes with improved yarns, backing, better drainage and an appearance that looks more like natural grass.

The demand for artificial turf has never been higher than it is today. Lifestyles have changed dramatically since the fifties. Many people still like the looks of grass, but they just don’t have the time to put in for maintenance and care. Consequently, today’s homeowners are taking a fresh look at artificial grass and what it can do for them.

Artificial Grass Benefits

• Your lawn is always green and looks great.
• No more bald patches or yellow and brown stains.
• Kids and pets can’t damage the lawn.
• Mud is no longer tracked into every room of your home.
• Reduced water bills.
• Your spare time isn’t spent on watering and lawn maintenance.
• Your lawn looks green and beautiful all year long.
• No more weekly lawn maintenance including watering, mowing, weeding or edging.

Choosing Used Artificial Grass

Used artificial grass at home - artificial grass recyclers

Used artificial grass can increase and protect the value of your property.

Artificial grass comes in a few different grades, colors, models, makes and styles to fit the needs of homeowners or businesses. Besides choosing the appearance, you’ll want to consider a few other important aspects of turf.

Face Weight

Face weight is the term that identifies how much yarn is in each square yard. Higher quality products will have a higher density and weight value.


Backing holds the turf together and stabilizes it. Look for turf with 20 to 24 ounces of urethane in the backing. The backing should be strong and thick to make sure it supports the blades of grass. Quality backings come in multiple layers, which provide proper drainage into the soil below.

Cheaper quality products contain less urethane, which means fibers can easily fall out of the backing. Additionally, too much urethane causes the backing to warp in heat.

Grass Blades

The grass blades should be high quality and able to withstand average amounts of everyday traffic.

Denser Products

Look for artificial grass that is dense. The grass blades should be close together when viewing from the top, so infill is not noticeable.

Buying used artificial grass can save you lots of money and could be the perfect solution to reduce costs and still maintain a nice yard and landscaping.


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